Pixie Lott TURN IT UP Britain’s Got Talent

  • pipiellenter

    I LOVE HER SO MUCH< SHE TOTALLY DESERVES THIS SUCCESS!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sweetdisposition?

    I LOVE Pixie Lott!!! She looks amazing and she sings brilliant. There’s a young pop princesse right there (:

  • pipi555

    than you for taking my suggestion Ocean Up, even though it’s a bit late, this was on June 2nd

    i love her, she is amazing !!!

  • Anonymous

    she doesn’t need to be recognised just becuase of he who shall not be named cos it will just send the fans into a frenzy, she is so talented, more so than him!!

  • vanessa

    wow she can sing!
    i think i should have listened to her before i judged her based on interview
    the girl is talented

  • kelluyfred

    omg she’s zoo amazing, who is she??

  • TSLove

    I don’t like the song,I like ‘mama do’ and ‘boys and girls’.Simon (?) didn’t look impressed :/

  • demiloveohio

    i can’t wait for her to break in this country so everyone can see how awesome she is!!

  • pixielottfortheus!!

    she’s not miming, thats just how much of a good singer she is!!

  • TSLove

    Pixie Lott.
    Read the title :)

  • ollylott

    i wish i was her!!

  • zacyesistillloveyou

    joe should date her, she’s way prettier than demi!!

  • slenefrog

    i think blondes should be joe’s type ;)


    hey, how bout we don’t talk about that guy, this is about he super talented PIXIE LOTT!!! mkay?

  • girl,interrupted

    i love love love love love love love her sooooooo much, can you tell??

  • mrsnickjonas

    this is a cool song :D

  • omgwtffyi

    she’s beautiful and sexy!!

  • thegermanpixielott

    i like her much, she came to germany, i saw it.

  • TSLove

    They are lol and brownies.
    He has dated Mandy,Aj, and Taylor.He has dated 3 brownies that I know of:Amelia,Camilla and Demi

  • Maris ?

    Oh look at her outfit, she’s a SLUT! lmao
    anyway, I like her nad her music, my fave song is boys and girls ;) haha

  • Anonymous

    She’s wearing WAY too much make up other than that, I like this song..

  • Anonymous

    I find it funny how she’s wearing pretty much the same as miley, yet no one calls her a slut/whore.
    Way to go guys :|

  • kayisl0vex

    she is beautiful,but with out make up she has really bad acne :/

  • MollySmellsOfFlowers

    Thats awsome but she sang with too much vibrato. Imo. I love her tho. and lol simon interupting dec at the end there ;)

  • Alexx.


  • Anonymous

    vibrato FAIL

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    what is vibrato?

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    shes really pretty and talented :)

  • Anonymous

    she is AMAZING! Make a category for her please Oceanup :)

  • Little.Monster

    I lovee herr<3333 haha

  • Anonymous

    her voice is awful, she moans and groans eugh.. does not deserve her success

  • twycgnb

    she’s amazingggg !

  • Anonymous

    SO MUCH better then miley cyrus!!
    she can sing too!

  • Lauren.

    I love Pixie :)
    I constantly blast her album all the time!
    She’s so pretty too.

  • wtfbecca

    this is the first time ive ever listened to her. shes a good singer but i dont like this song. : )

  • aaliyahnoelle

    i love this song.

  • aaliyahnoelle

    she sings with a bit too much vibrato sometimes…but other than that <3 <3 <3 her

  • drpl<3

    i didn’t know she could dance?? coooooooool

  • Anonymous

    she’s like, super super pretty :)

  • AmyJonas

    i like the song!!!

  • mussomitcheljonasnick

    she’s really talented, or so it seems lol

  • teardrop

    Must EVERYONE wear no trousers?
    lmao :)
    Joking – she looks so pretty :)

  • emma13

    eh i dont like this song. its too…idk but i just dont. but she sounded amazing. never knew she can sing like that.


    i love how the pst about pixie has the second largest amount of comments and she doesn’t even have her own category. what i’m trying to get at is


  • lifeiswhatyoumakeit

    she is amazing and talented and i couldnt love her more than i already do :D