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  • britt

    LOVE. HER.

  • eyevurffaw

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  • Botch

    Oh Radio Disney.

  • Anonymous

    haha i’m gonna use that one: “honesty is a gift…happy birthday!”

    I don’t know how ppl can just decided you dont like her for no reason…but from what i’ve seen of her there is nothing not to like. she is funny and chill, very serious about art, beautiful, humble, and very gracious with fans and paparazzi and constantly expressing how grateful she is. She has not shown an unlikeable side and is very genuine. I’m excited to see what she can do beyond Bailey Pickett.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha i thought that was funny too.

    n i agree. she seems really cool. and Im excited to see her acting too. in 16 wishes and she did a indie movie that looks good. what if. it seems like she really cares about what she does, she doesnt just do it for the fame.

  • pacl34

    Don’t like her…i don’t know why

  • NikBubz

    theres just something about her that just makes her hard to like.

  • pipiellen

    i really like her!! i don’t understand why other people dont!! she seems really clever quick and funny, aswell as being super pretty :)

  • Anonymous

    she says happy birthday a lot. I LOVE DEBBY RYAN!!

  • pacl34

    NikBubz said:

    theres just something about her that just makes her hard to like.

    I agree…

  • Anonymous


  • Jessie//

    I think she’s actually very funny and chill. I’m a fan!

  • Anonymous

    she’s a lot more laid back now then she used to be.

    its kind of cool. i used to hate her. now shes kind of awesome.