Demi Lovato ZAPPING ZONE Colombia

  • Anonymous

    amo a roger ?

  • Botch

    I saw that show when I was in Mexico .

  • Anonymous

    lastima q no pude ir q chvre

  • Ediee16

    so aamziang! watch this JONAS BOY FAN VIDEO ABOUT JONAS ->>>>

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Turns out Demi did make out with Alex Gaskarth at the 3OH!3 show…and he has a girlfriend. :/

  • Mary!

    i was there ..i appear on Disney cause of the show ….yayyy…DD rocks!..i saw her live yayy!

  • Anonymous

    Then shame on her if she did that…Wasnt she the one who posted awhile ago that you shouldnt do something if you know its bad???Hmmmm…Listen to your advice demi


    I was There LMFAO!xD

  • TSLove

    The host guys in the start are annoying so I’m not watching the seconds of them talking is enough for me!