Miley Cyrus LIVE AT O2 ARENA Peak

  • Anonymous

    you guys do know this isn’t what a true concert’s all about, right?
    it’s a show designed for 5 year olds. not a concert. :)

  • CookieCaramelDealer

    No offense, but her live singing’s not that…
    I’ll better shut up before Miley fans kill me. :D

  • wcuwdsyo

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  • Anonymous

    she gives amazing concerts

    hahah!! NO.
    shes sucks at singing live..
    maybe your talking about all her energy though?
    idk,but that was bad.
    love her half to death, good.

  • MissSmiley

    So excited!! Can’t wait :D

  • ilikeyourbeard

    lol you can kind of tell she’s holding back on the dancing during PITUSA..probably because she knew it was going to be on dvd.

  • hrecords

    Hilary Duff

    Live at the Gibson Amphitheatre

    Reason for no sale – nightmarish factuals of inconceived fantasies for middle-aged fathers

    Date of release – alternate January 2008 – when there was no BOBW tour

  • mileysrock

    cant wait :) mileyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i was there on dec. 13th, i was quite far away from her but it was amazing!!!

  • BangThatDrum

    OMG I can so not wait for this CD and DVD =D

  • Anonymous

    love it miley

  • Anonymous

    i was there on the 10th december!! she was amazing :D

  • SmileyWithMiley

    and take into consideration that this was in the last like 5 concerts of her tour. Her voice is very worn and has been overused.

  • Notion

    She is just so amazing :)

  • Gabriella

    at the Manchester, UK concert she didn’t speak to the audience once, let alone thank them!

  • springstrawberry

    She’s completely out of breath during almost all the songs… It must be hard to do the whole singing/dancing at the same time… But she sings great !

  • Astoria Malfoy

    gosh everytime I read O2 I think about Orange Range.
    They have a song called “O2″ which is quite amazing.

  • DemetriaSelenaFan_

    CAN’TfuckingWAIT! :D

  • Anonymous

    Gabriella said:

    at the Manchester, UK concert she didn’t speak to the audience once, let alone thank them!

    Where you there?

  • OhMyMiley

    yayy, i pre-ordered the limited editon of can’t be tamed! :) so excited! <3

  • DemetriaSelenaFan_

    at the Manchester, UK concert she didn’t speak to the audience once, let alone thank them!

    watch the end… the video got cut off though.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE HER =)

  • LeatherStuddedKiss22

    i am soooo gonna buy both!!! her tour dvd and her deluxe cd!!!!!! deluxe son, DELUXE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    can’t waiiit ! that was my favorite concert i’ve ever been to.

  • lifeiswhatyoumakeit

    im so getting this.

  • Botch

    Miley gives amazing concerts

  • Anonymous

    Cant wai! I went to this tour twice, it was awesome!

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    looks good :)

  • Hangover

    I can’t waite for this:D

  • Kisses from Hollywood

    it would be a great tour ever I think

  • pacl34

    It’s pretty good…yup! Outta breath a lot but I forgive her!

  • Anonymous

    she may do amazing shows an performances but her singing sounds terrible but at least she tries and does both without miming unlike britney

  • Ediee16

    can’t wait :)
    watch this Jonas BOY fan VIDEO –>>>>>>>>

  • Anonymous

    She is barely breath when she sing ….

    [sorry about my english]