• Anonymous

    i like him a lot (:

  • Anonymous

    i wanna watch this so bad

  • Ash

    AIRPLANES!! :)
    love that songgg and zac <3

  • AshleyEfron

    I saw on the movie’s facebook fan page u can enter a contest to meet Zac( I sooooo want to meet him!!

  • Botch

    Zac is so Hot

  • pipiellen

    it looks amazing, and so does zac, i forgot how beautiful he was ;)

  • Anonymous

    This is going to be an outstanding movie. A great dramatic role for Zac. Hope it does great at the box office.

  • pacl34

    I’m totally gonna see this movie! It looks sad!

  • Lieschn

    I want to see this movie
    I hope he will come out soon,here in Belgium

  • Astoria Malfoy

    It looks good. I want to watch it, so I’ll see.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I really want to see this!

  • hia

    Cant wait :)

  • _huajaichumpoo

    July30th is the date!