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Chace Crawford featured in Los Angeles Confidential. On living in New York and Los Angeles: I love being in LA. New York and LA are polar opposites. I’m a Dallas boy, so for the weather, LA is where it’s at. I think the New York winters may end up driving me back out to the West Coast. What makes Hollywood Hollywood is the weather. The sun kind of hits you different out here.. every time I come here it’s rejuvenating. Why want your role as a drug dealer in the film Twelve? It’s a complete departure for me. The character grew up with the privilege and the money, but his father is running the family’s bankrupt business, and his mom was stricken with cancer and battled that and died. So he’s almost forced to sell marijuana, and he doesn’t..

..even know what he’s doing. He’s in over his head. It’s good for me because it’s a heroic figure, but it’s a pretty tragic, dark, melodramatic movie. There are a lot of really comedic parts in it, and it almost goes over the top to make fun of the Gossip Girl crowd. [The film] is so campy and funny, it’s silly, and then when it’s contrasted with the dark reality of one of the girl characters spiraling emotionally into this tailspin, it’s very tragic. It was a lot of fun, very liberating. It’s kind of a Less Than Zero for our generation.

What’s your favorite restaurant in LA? King’s Road Cafe, that’s one of my all-time favorites. I get the blackenedchicken salad, and their coffee is like crack! It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had. Then you have Hugo’s Restaurant. It’s just nice, good, clean food, that’s one thing they don’t have in New York is clean food. It’s hard to eat clean and not be pounding spaghetti and pizza all the time.

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    Chace is sex on legs… I’d tap that.

  • touch me im going to scream.

    Less Than Zero is gold. I’m excited for this movie. Plus a little Chace Crawford thrown in the mix isn’t so awful either :)

    & fuck the drug possession. Mistakes, mistakes.

  • thislovelygirl

    Chace Crawford is so gorgeous….;)

  • NicksSweetCaroline

    I seriously dontcare about his drugs i still adoore him

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    why is he hating on new york.. we have the best pizza in the world…


    No, that would be Italy.

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    big fan, big fan.

  • StarLightSTARbright

    Anonymous said:

    why is he hating on new york.. we have the best pizza in the world…

    no. me n ends has the best pizza in the world. and he never hated on nyc.

  • StarLightSTARbright

    he is such a pretty boy.

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    why is he hating on new york.. we have the best pizza in the world…

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    sucha hunk. <3

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    THIS is what WALKING SEX looks like :) LOL!

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    The whole interview is highly ironic since he recently got caught for possesion of drugs! He’s still hot though, I ‘aint complaining.

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    Robert Downey Jr. played his role SOOO good in Less Than Zero. I kinda want to see this movie.

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    He’s hot :x

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    Gosh, I love him.