Paramore CAREFUL Official Music Video

  • Anonymous

    taylor york? i luv that red beanie! and i love the music video!!! haha jeremy playing baseball…kinda…and josh is just gorgeous! and of course zac is hilarious! and hayley nichole williams? simply amazing.

  • Anonymous

    oooppss..those were supposed to be hearts not question marks…

  • _liesyoutold

    I love Paramore. Always have, always will. :’)

  • Syds.

    Paramore is amazing. End of story.

  • Anonymous

    paramore is friggin awesome. FINALLY oceanup for posting something good.

  • Katie

    Paramore is the shit. :D
    I love Brand New Eyes.
    I seriously have never been disappointed with them, from All We Know Is Falling to the new album.
    Again. Paramore is THE shit.

  • Anonymous

    1. i love hayley with reddddd hair amazing and i love how her hair changes so much in this vid lol

    2. taylor and his red beanie lmao doesnt he have other colors!?

    3. josh is sex too bad hes married -_-

  • Lauren

    I love Paramore. Nice to see OceanUp decided to post some decent things.


    so amazing. hayley is my hero. i’ve met them a few times now and everytime she gives WICKED song tips. <3

  • NickChicky

    Aww. See….they post something like this and i start thinking they’re not so bad….

  • RockYourBody

    LOVED it.

  • Anonymous

    This is probably the best post this site will ever have.

  • heyitsBritaney

    I love how it shows videos in there daily life, it gives us a taste and shows us how they live.

  • hithere


  • hey_foolios

    this wasnt mone of my favorite songs off the album, but it’s still good.

    wish they’d make a video for “turn it off,” “misguided ghosts,” “looking up,” or “where the lines overlap.”

  • Frankiee-x

    Ahhh finally! A decent OU post! :D <3Paramore<3

  • Kristeels

    Paramore = awesome <3

  • PrettyYoungThing

    The song is.. meh.

  • elliesaur

    I swear to God, OceanUp!
    Stop posting everything at once.

  • Maris ?

    Since when does OU post about Paramore? yknow, besides Hayley’s topless pic…
    lmao anyway, gonna watch it now, Paramore is AWESOME ;D

  • elliesaur

    I love Paramore.
    This sounds like their old stuff. I love it. <333

  • Panda Bear Love

    Hmm, they could’ve did something more with it. But since when does OU post about Paramore? xD

  • Anonymous

    I hate Paramore’s new music :(

  • Fiona

    love Paramore
    is it just me or were like 10 things posted at once?
    Now i understand what everyones been talking about

  • emergencyyybabee

    Paramore is freakin’ amazing ! <3