Dakota Fanning PINK Lipstick Precious


Dakota Fanning wearing hot pink lipstick while out and about in Rockefeller Center in New York City on Tuesday afternoon. D changed her lipstick to a more modest pink when arriving at JFK airport. Photos: INF, WENN. Video under!

  • Anonymous

    she looks so ugly wearing that

  • -Jenii

    she looks like a old lady with that lipgloss on.. shes looks better without makeup

  • Anonymous

    She looks older than my mom. My mom is 32 years old.

  • LeatherStuddedKiss22

    Gotta love those Prada sunglasses!!!
    i think she looks great!!! i love pink lipstick!!!
    i lover her outfit!!! those shoes are awesome!!! keep doing your thing D

  • livingoutloud

    Dakota..no..just no. I mean you’re adorable, but this lip stick really isn’t working for you. Ahaa.

  • Anonymous

    i like her normally
    but like this? seriously? ahahaha plus those glasses…

  • sexxynickj

    Fug… just sayin

  • Anonymous

    wow your all amazing i love you

  • Andreiita

    Dakota, this lisptick your using you know? The pinky one. Just NO please :)

  • Chelsea-Rose

    fragilehearts. said:
    i love you, but…no. just no.


    As soon as I saw the pictures, that’s what I thought :)

  • shamelesss

    she looks so pretty when shes natural looking, the lipsticks way too harsh on her.

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know where are her shoes from? i love them!

  • Anonymous

    stop playing dress up with your mommy lipstick bitch

  • Anonymous

    “changed to a more modest pink”

    …. or it faded. morons.

  • Anonymous

    Ew. Has her hair always been this brassy and yellow?!

    And the lipstick…noooo

  • Anonymous

    does anybody know where her shoes are from ,i love them!

  • Anonymous

    She looks weird here. REALLY weird.
    I mean the outfit,those glasses,that lipstick. Everything is just a big no. smh

  • Anonymous

    Fake fake fake hair. She needs to just admit that she’s a light brunette.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ewww. yellow hair.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like she played with her mommy’s makeup.

  • Anonymous

    she needs to stop dying that hair of hers. she’s not blonde anymore and yellow fried hair isn’t working for her.

  • Anonymous

    en mi país dakota es una “tabla de planchar”

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Da fuck? Lmao Dakota’s awesome but what the heck is she wearing? Eveything looks weird except for the shoes and bag.

  • Anonymous


  • Maris ?

    she looks like and old lady in that picture… nice choice OU smh lol

  • Julianna

    PINK! -_-

  • fragilehearts.

    i love you, but…no. just no.

  • Kristeels

    It makes her lips look really big!
    I like the second one better!

  • wtfbecca

    it looks gross : /

  • gleekin

    those glasses are not flattering on her. it makes her look kind of alien-ish? oh well.

    cute bag and shoes tho <3

  • pipiellen

    nobody cares OU, nobody cares…