David Henrie Children’s Champion VIDEO

Video of David Henrie being honored with the ‘Children’s Champion Award’ at Sunday’s LA’s BEST FAMILY BRUNCH. David recently spent a great deal of time giving back to the community by working with LA’s BEST through a program called ‘Actor’s Outreach‘, where David has taught a series of ongoing improv workshops to the LA’s BEST students.

  • RiNiO

    I love how Nicole behind laughing and talking!!!! And David looks fine…..

  • Anonymous

    At least he doesn’t look stoned here. Funny how his publicist is working OT to get him in the news for girls, awards, anything ANYTHING to put the arrest behind him.

    But he should date (or ‘date’) girls his own age. Creepy to have him going with teens. Dis should hire someone ‘of age’ to ‘date’ him.

    And then: SEX TAPE!

  • Anonymousey

    Spum filters stank. Sorry if you can’t read it, try to replace vowels.

    Yes. His publicist told him that if he didn’t go off the pot pipe, his arrist would ruin his career. NOT …okay, anything’s possible, but I say NOT

    LOL, I think he’s sometimes tired, not stuned. :p Or his eyes might naturally look like that; a lot of guys have crip eyes they don’t do stuff about. And you’ve heard of 18 and 20 year-olds going out…????

    If you think about it, a tape would not do much for David. It would do something for another certain star working for the same company, but not David nor most of his WoWP co-stars.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a good thing his head is so big, it makes his nose look normal sized.

  • Julianna

    he irks me -__-

  • Anonymous

    I love David

  • Anonymous

    he is HOt

  • Becca.

    You guys are so rude. I think David’s awesome!

  • Anonymous

    WTF? This site is bonkers.