Keke P Willow Smith Karate Kid Premiere


True Jackson VP starlet Keke Palmer, rising actress Willow Smith, dressed in a fun leopard print outfit and mohawk, Boo Boo Stewart and Madison Pettis attended the The Karate Kid Premiere held at The Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, California on June 7. Photos: Fame, PR.


  • emma13

    ew…this post if filled with unattractive people and horrible fashion sense except for maybe keke. she is somewhat pretty but thats not saying much. the only one on this post thats actually attractive is madison pettis. she looks awesome. when she grows up she will be very pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Willow is one brave lil chica! In tha future betta watch out for her style tips! woo

  • Timber

    Oh my God… O_O

  • Anonymous

    willow is what 11? if that.. u make fun of an 11 year old , and if ur not 11 its disgusting. who cares what she wears, shes young, did u have any fashion sence at that age. so dont even. ESPECIALLY if u dont like to get made fun of yourself

  • Anonymous

    unattractive people you must be blind i dont see anyone ugly ..shallow bitch!!

  • dedexoxo

    thank you…everyone here isnt gunna look the same..i think she is blind…she can go get that fixed..

  • sexxynickj

    She’s pretty!

  • Anonymous

    I love Keke’s fashion sense and she always has a good sense of style to go with her good looks.

    Willow, well she’s young so she still has time.

  • jj

    The kids are cute. AS for Willow. Lay up off her.
    1) she is a kid
    2) she looks like herself
    3) this is what u call experimenting with the right stuff(No DRUGS)
    4) She has no skin exposed and she is dressed age appropiate
    5) This little girl is much more than her hair and her clothes

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Lol, Willow is really getting her Rihanna-ness on :) Keke Palmer looks so pretty and I love that cute sundress she’s wearing. She’s such sweet, a down to earth and talented girl :D

  • Anonymous

    that kid has mahoosive ears lol


    willow smith looks like a boy. and her outfit is so ugly. no offense.

  • 30secondstomarsforevr<3

    mahoosive? hahaha

  • Kristeels

    At first I thought Willow was a boy ;$

  • Julianna


  • Anonymous

    FIRST! madison petis id gonna be hot when shes older!!!!
    and must booboo and fivel be everywhere.

    also why does that cute little girls head shaved

  • mileyluver15

    who dresses willow smith??
    perez hilton lol

    keke palmer is soo pretty i love her and shes soo sweet!! :)

  • Anonymous

    aww so cute and keke looks hott