Twilight Eclipse Jacob Brings Bella Home

  • -Katee<3

    “Maybe I should call Bella and hang up,” LOL xD

  • Anonymous

    Twilight sucks.

  • iMystified

    I love the books.
    but TBH
    the movies are pretty shitty.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE the Twilight Saga!!!<3

    -You jealous little Twilight haters are so funny the way you complain about the movies and shit. You know they’re awesome, admit it. You don’t have to admit your a fan if it makes you feel embarrassed and all, but you might as well admit the rest is awesome; because it is.

  • .::.Chelsea.::.

    Screw you twilight HATERS. Screw you.

  • Fiona

    Love the books. Can’t wait to see what the movie holds. Whoo!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see the movie.!!! I loved the books.!!!

  • Bree<3

    I love it! Leah looks different than I imagined her though.<3

  • Ashley

    Haha Everyone here hates twilight but loves the jonas brothers and miley cryus.

    They just hate twilight because everyone loves it and there trying to be “exclusive”.

    But how much more mainstream can you get then jonas and cryus.
    Ugh teeny boppers

  • ph1lsumm3r

    I hate twilight.. :P
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  • Anonymous

    OMGG MANNN youss are soo fkn bored!!!
    i dont get y you would look at the twilight stuff if you dont like it man. you would only look at it if you liked it and if u didnt then you got like really big biggg problems

    I LUV YOU TAYLOR LAUTNER im married to him gurls so you cant have him. we have 3 kids are and happily married :D heheheee luv my daughters taylor and selena and my son jacob :D



  • ~Brittney~

    Why are you twilight haters complaining so much? It’s only been like 2 years since the Twilight Saga started to get big, and there’s only 2 out of 4 movies out. But how many years of Harry Potter movies do us Twilight fans have to sit through before thats finaly over with? You twilight haters are a bunch of whiny babies. Get over yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    the book are GREAT really but each movie just keeps dissappointing me more and more :/ and the quality or the color i don’t know it looks bad filmed

  • JB rocks my socks

    Normally I dont care about Taylor lautner
    but I gotta admit this vid made him seem really hot. hahaha IDK why.

  • Anonymous

    If you dont like Twilight you dont HAVE to comment.
    I dont like Harry Potter…that doesnt mean Im going to go on post about it and complain.
    How many harry potter movies are there anyway? Theres only 4 Twilight movies I think you can manage.

  • Anonymous

    kk everone calm down about twilight. taking it way to seriously
    If u love it end of

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I’ll always prefer the books.

  • Anonymous

    kristen or however you spell her dumb ass name us fugly period. and shes ganna be a nobody when this twilight shit is OVER!!!


    your a jealous nobody, period.
    Haters to the left, to the curb and onto the street, and get hit by a fat yellow bus (:

  • Anonymous

    I <3 taylor laughtner he is my fiance` and i <33 the movies me and my bff r gonna go see it. 21 MORE DAYS AHHH

  • Anonymous

    yeah kristen’s hair in this movie is a wig. remember she had her hair cut for runaways.

  • emma13

    twilight is so gay. these movies are shit.

  • pacl34

    That would be sooo embarrassing if my friends did that to me!

  • Maris ?

    is Kristen wearing a wig in this movie?
    Her hair just looks fake, idk…

  • Anonymous

    yh she is cus she cut her hair for her role in the runaways!!!

  • Maris ?

    oh and I think this was my first first comment, awesome…

  • Maris ?

    so, I’m thinking OU is dead then… lmao

  • Maris ?

    yup, it’s dead… where are all the twilight teenies? smh… lol

  • MeenuD

    I hate this twilight crap! Is it ever going to end?

  • Maris ?

    and I could go on forever but it bores me… so I’m just gonna leave now… ok…

  • msjonas13

    ahh, im so excited!

  • monster

    kristen looks like she could be a werewolf with that hair.

  • gottalovethis

    kristen or however you spell her dumb ass name us fugly period. and shes ganna be a nobody when this twilight shit is OVER!!!