Nina Dobrev, ‘I’m Happy Not Being Nude’


Nina Dobrev is very happy that she does not have to do nude scenes for The Vampire Diaries. Nina told The Mirror: ‘I’m very content with not being nude on national television. I do enjoy True Blood myself and I watch the show, but I am happy that bra and underwear is as stripped down as I can get for the show.’

On competition between The Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Twilight: ‘I don’t think that we’re necessarily competitors. We’re all kind of in the same genre, there are vampires within all the series, but they are all very different. It’s like..

..apples and oranges. True Blood is racier and a little bit older, Twilight is on the big screen, whereas we are in that in-between zone. We’re all very supportive of each other.’

  • Fiona

    Love ya Nina and VD

  • Anonymous

    I like dhoni he is the best…..GO INDIA

  • TeenGGirl1

    TVD rocks!!!! is soooo much better than the other ones!!! Nina’s so cool! :) love her!

  • -Jenii

    Vampire Diaries is amazingg

  • Anonymous

    True Blood > TVD >>>>>>>>>>>>> Twilight

  • Anonymous

    love herrr!!!!!!!!

  • Astoria Malfoy

    True Blood is okay, the fangs bug me. They look way too fake.
    I love VD

  • SunLight Princess

    She’s Beautiful and classy.. I like her.

  • realistgangsta

    true blood is the shit better than twilight and vampire diaries

  • sexxynickj

    True Blood is the BEST show on TV

  • NeverShoutNeverrr

    i love her.
    true blood and vampire diaries are AMAZING.

  • Maris ?

    She doesn’t really look like Victoria Justice…

  • ThatEffySmile

    Don’t worry, I completely agree! I’ve ranted about it before, just because they both have long dark hair doesn’t mean they look alike lol . Personally, I preferr Nina, I think she’s beautiful. LOVE VAMPIRE DIARIES!

  • Sweetdisposition?

    TVD is the best, true blood grosses me out :S

  • bluemonday

    I’ve never seen either show.