The Pretty Reckless @ THE CRUSH

  • Anonymous

    shes rlly goo i jus wish she had beter stage presence

  • AmberKnowsBest

    Couldn’t she AT LEAST do her nails?:x

  • hithere

    she is hot..but whatever.

  • Anonymous

    i actually love this :D

  • Jane

    like the song not the lyrics , like her voice just not how she tries to be a rockstar so much and i think she is pretty but i don’t like her TOO dark eyes i used to not care about her but i think she is talented but i repeat the meaning of the song is kind of i don’t know i would like it better with other lyrics :D

  • Manx

    Black eyes are “hardcore”

  • Anonymous

    “taylor doesnt give a shit and says what she wants.”
    – yeah yeah yeah, COURSE she does. Cliche much?
    everything taylor does is a cliche and a copy of previous UHEM, REAL rockstars.
    Im not pro-miley or anything either so…yeah.

  • pacl34

    Pretty Reckless is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    who keeps punching her in the eyes?

  • Anonymous


  • gottalovethis

    @valiali the only reason your first is because no one gives a shtttt about this post =]

  • gottalovethis


  • aNnA_

    i liked the “thank you for asking, very politely” when she asked how he was, haha subtle insult maybe ? cause you know taylor’s not the most polite person ever…….

    even so i love her music, my medicine is probably my favorite song by them

  • Fiona

    Love her music and Pretty Reckless

  • another Anonymous

    ah she’s talented but i dont like the concept of the song :/

  • Mareike

    I lvoe the fact that OU is posting about taylor and TPR even if it’s just because they hate her and want ppl to call her names lol

  • Hangover

    I can’t stand her,but I love her music<3

  • Anonymous

    i see little difference between her and miley cyrus except that taylor is blonde and the other girl is brunette

  • AmberKnowsBest


  • permanentdecemberx

    dear anon,
    there is a big difference between them both. id say mileys on stage style (leotards and stuff) is more of a beyonce style.
    she is nothing like taylor.
    taylor doesnt give a shit and says what she wants.
    miley is wiser with her words, and doesnt wear lingerie on stage.

  • valiali

    FIRST!!! wababahah

  • valiali

    FIRST!! nwqahas;haw

  • little misssunshinee

    mhhm i love taylor on gossip girl she’s really talented.

  • Anonymous

    I saw them at their 2nd gig ever and they were good. I don’t agree with the stuff she does, but she is talented.

  • permanentdecemberx

    i used to call her a slut,
    because of what she wore LOL
    but i’ll admit, I JUDGED WRONGLY
    her music is actually really good.
    17, 18, 19 whatever
    age is just a number ;D