Debby Ryan Airplanes 16 Wishes REMIX

  • Anonymous

    she tries too hard

  • bdenhedf

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  • Anonymous

    I’m going to hit her straight in the mouth if she smacks her gum like that one more time…

  • suhvanuhh

    lol, love her.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like her( I don’t like any of the present Disney girls), but doesn’t she kinda sound like selena when she was talking in this video.

  • aoise

    her voice sound soooo much different from the suite life haha anyone agree ???

    The video is pretty cute =}


  • Karly

    Ok soo this was clearly planned at the beginning she was like “let’s go for it!” acting like it wasn’t planned at all….ugh she makes me maddd
    and she looked reallly confused too haahah

  • Anonymous

    this is actually a really cool idea.

  • iCookiies

    The intro made me want to punch her in the face.

  • trainwreck.

    I really just can’t stand her. I’ve tried to like her but she tries way too hard and seems fake to me.

  • ?

    she’s so obnoxious holy shit

  • Anonymous

    that was painful to listen to [other than debbie’s part.. who is so cute!!]

  • Promnight95


  • Promnight95

    That Was Pretty Cute

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    Not interested enough to watch…. enough to comment though..


    I love Debby! She is probably one of the nicest most down to earth girls ive ever met. Shes awsomee :) This video was cute.

  • Anonymous

    that was really freakin cute. ha.

  • Anonymous

    butchered :(

  • iusedtobelovedrunk