Camp Rock 2 NEW Songs Extended Clips

Wouldn’t Change A Thing & Fire.

  • Anonymous

    wouldn’t change a thing sounds sooo good. i’m so excited for this movie!

  • DemiJoBroFan

    Wouldn’t Change A Thing is amazing… in love with that song and I haven’t even heard all of it. :) ?

  • Anonymous

    Fire is really catchy, but wouldn’t change a thing is AMAZINGGGG!!! I love it!! Demi’s voice is great as always and Joes is perfect!!! can’t wait!!!

  • Anonymous

    Fire is catchy but I don’t like Wouldn’t change a thing at all.

  • superJOEman

    As usual, Joe’s voice is perfect!! Still missing him though. <3

  • superJOEman

    The intro of Fire sounds like Jay Sean’s!

  • Anonymous

    Camp Rock 2 is gonna be amazing! But I think it’s gonna be hard for Demi and Joe to sing this song together live :( even though they are friends..

  • Anonymous

    Holy Crap!!!!!!!!! i wanna see it so bad its comin out on my bday!!!!!

  • fullmooncrazy.

    Ahhhh I’m CRAZY excited for the album to come out! You gotta love anything with the Jonai…

  • Anonymous


  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich


  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    i fucking love camp rock

  • TeamKEVIN

    ahhh super excitedddd

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I’ll just wait for the movie. Can’t be bothered to listen.

  • Anonymous

    im in love with demi lovatoo..yet im a straight girl gahh I LOVE HER<33

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    I am starting get more excited for camp rock…

  • TayBrii__?

    I can’t wait! xD

  • amy

    cant wait for this movie!!! the music sounds amazing!! im soo excited! :)

  • Anonymous