Ashley Greene JACK Magazine Cover Girl


Credit: Hollywood Tuna.

  • NeverShoutNeverrr

    shiiiit they made her look like a twig.
    idk why though she’s gorgeous,
    and has a great body.

  • _liesyoutold

    she’s already very pretty.
    why’d they photoshop every photo? -.-

  • Hannaaaahhh

    That’s Italian society for you….being thin and perfect is everything.

  • dash

    elastic much on the cover

  • Anonii Masu

    I am not trying to be mean, but she looks like Traci Lords (underage adult film star) in that first picture but way too slim.

  • party with me

    they photoshopped the shitt out of her on the cover.
    and it’s not even decent, there is a chunk of her leg missing.

  • teardrop

    Gah. I hate it when bad photoshopping happens to beautiful people.
    She’s gorgeous without it. Why must people push it even further?

  • Anonymous

    they photoshopped her waayyy to much … she doesn’t even look the same in the rest of the pics

  • Jadders

    Oh my god, those photographers actually think people’s legs bend like that? Gahh photoshop.

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a 12 year-old on that cover. Blergh.

  • shamelesss

    why did they photoshop her that thin when shes thin anyway and looks 10x better without it, no wonder eating disorders are on the rise if people think celebs are too fat.

  • -Jenii

    the photoshop makes her look really skinny. Nyways.. the girl is fkn gorgeous and dosent need photoshop.


    She’s beautiful without all the photoshop.

  • Anonymous

    wow…she looks so thin, it doesn’t even look human anymore :D

  • Anonymous

    OMGG, PHOTOSHOPPP!!! Her legs and stomach, iak!!!

  • Hilary

    Looks photoshopped =/
    Meh, Ashley doesn’t need photoshop
    she’s so naturally GORGEOUS

  • Anonymous

    they photoshopped waayyy tooo much on the cover … she doesn’t look the same in the rest of the pics

  • emma13

    wow they really photoshopped her face and her body. lol her body looks so weird on that cover and her legs.

  • ThatEffySmile

    Who is that? And why did they photoshop Ashley GREENE’s face so much? because that sure as hell isn’t her.

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    That does not look like her at ALL.

  • Anonymous

    and the photoshop award goes to…

    sorry, but she´s not that thin.