Victoria Justice, ‘I Had No Friends’


Victoria Justice was very shy on her first day of school after moving from Florida to California. Victoria, who just 12, revealed in the new issue of J-14: ‘I was just so excited, so much adrenaline was running through me. I was so young and so ready to start working and have new experiences. I was just really ready to go.’

It was a huge difference. I grew up in Florida all my life, I had all of my friends, and I was so used to living there. I knew absolutely no one in Los Angeles. I had no friends at first, and it’s a scary thing not knowing anybody and having to basically start over. It’s kind of intimidating, but you get over it. I loved going to school and making new friends, and I still love meeting new people all the time.’

  • Anonymous

    justin’s hair looks like a hat haha

  • Anonymous

    did you not read what she said? she didnt really talk about not having friends,she said i didnt have friends at first,which means she eventualy got friends,duh

  • Anonymous

    I seriously hate it that now eveeery celebrity ( mostly disney ) talks about how awful their past was just so people would feel sorry for them and like them. miley, selena, demi, miranda and now victoria. who’s next? debby ryan? or maybe she aldready shared her story.. ughhh it’s disturbing. i’ve lost my respect for this girl.

  • xJonasXCandyx

    Nick:Crushing for sll the wrong reasons


  • sexxynickj

    JEMI is over WTF is this mag talking about???

  • Hilary

    Demi’s worried about Joe:
    he’s just not that into her?


  • Anonymous

    “Lady Gaga: They called be Big Boobs Mcgee”

    Really now?

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    I have this magazine.
    And FYI, the Jemi article was while they were dating.

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    This is news?

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    yeah yeah you and everyone else apparantly

  • teardrop

    Taylor – I’m often shy and silent

    Then, darling, don’t be an actor.
    Be a model… a shirtless one :) They never talk!

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