Big Time Rush Jordin Sparks Music Video

1+ video under. Thx Jess!

  • Anonymous

    Big Time Rush are way better than the JoBros.

  • ailen

    OMJ I loved the song but I will love it it more if it will be longer

  • ipwnu

    BTR <3

  • giselle

    i watch all their shows! i mean.. all their episodes!!
    crack me up, i would date any of em. bahaha

  • Anonymous

    LOVE Jordin<3
    Hate Big Time Flop…
    I see no point to them…sorry to any fans.

  • heygirl

    is it me or did she gain weight lol

  • blameitontherain

    it sounds really good :)

  • Anonymous

    Wow Carlos has a really amazing voice. He sounds so good in this!

  • iMystified

    I <3 BTR!!

  • xLove2Lovex

    Kim & Justin splashing in the water :P
    OU did you post this?

  • xLove2Lovex

    & I totally LOVE BTR <3

  • Anonymous

    Jordin Sparks and Big Time Rush are both equally amazing! :D

  • xLove2Lovex

    Carlos & Logan are my favorites.
    Especially Logan :D

  • Fiona

    OU posted this twice I think

  • Fiona

    <3 Jordan Sparks

  • pipiellen

    5th? i really like her voice and look, but it sucks that she will never be fully accepted in hollywood unless she becomes skinny…