British actor Douglas Booth will costar with Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore in LOL: Laughing Out Loud. Douglas, who recently played Boy George in a BBC biopic, will play the romantic lead opposite Miley’s Lola character.

Miley: ‘It’s about this mom who’s going through a mid-life crisis of drugs and all this crazy stuff and she thinks that her daughter will never understand and look up to her anymore because of the choices she makes.

She then finds her daughter’s diary and realizes that she’s doing worse than her and they go through this crisis together at different points of their life but realise how similar they are. It’s a really cool story. We are shooting it independently so we can do it with exactly the edginess we want.’

  • muahaha

    17 Miley was also born in 1992

  • Crystal

    look everybody , it’s miley’s next boyfriend

  • liam h sucks


  • dilemma

    he looks exactly like leo di caprio :|

  • Anonymous

    He does look like a young leonardo wow.
    Anyways bye liam, :/ miam was nice while it lasted..
    But we all know miley has to date every costar she has, and he will surely be no exception. unless he doesn’t like her that way.

  • CupcakezLover

    Anonymous said:

    dam he look just like that titanic dude how old is he i wouldn’t mind tapping that
    “That Titanic dude” He has a name you know. But IA, he does look A LOT like Leonardo Di Caprio.

  • Anonymous

    He is even younger than Miley, so not her type. ;)

  • Anonymous

    I live in australia and watched the French version It had English subtitles though. It was gooood :) and the dude who played mael OMG he is so flipping hot. ;__;

  • Anonymous

    Team Diley! He’s gorgouse. Looks like leonardo decaprio!!!

  • Anonymous

    hmmm, i prefer liam. i hope she doesnt fall for him, <3 Miam

  • Anonymous

    really how much younger?

  • Anonymous

    People say Miley has dated EVERY co-star she has had… I do disagree.. she never dated Lucas Till… but yh this guy is HOT… shes lucky to get the gorgeous ones

  • Ash

    Why does she have another movie coming out when
    she totally FAILED at acting in the last song?
    does talent mean nothing anymore?


  • Anonymous

    oooh the futur miley’s boyfriend !!
    sarcastic laught !!

  • LoveBryony

    Wow he’s kinda cute! He kinda reminds me of a cross between Leo Di and Chase Crawford.

  • -Jenii

    hes cutee

  • Anonymous

    dam he look just like that titanic dude how old is he i wouldn’t mind tapping that

  • Kiara

    he was born in 1992 so hes 16 or 17

  • Anonymous

    Unless he was born after Nov 23rd 1992, He is most likly older than Miley, but not by much.

  • penJonburpRoy

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  • Anonymous

    dam he’s fine sorry liam i was team miam until now why do she always have the hot costars dam miley


    This is a flattering picture.

  • Anonymous

    cute guy :)..hope she doesn’t fall in love on this film set too or Liam will have something to say.

  • idkMyBFFjill

    if she starts dating him…jk.

  • harrypotterbitches

    sounds interesting :)

  • laura amber

    I’ve seen the movie in french ’cause i’m Belgian :) It’s so good and funny maybe a bit provocative for the States. It’s the same director, so that’s great. Hope ppl are gonna see it when it’s out!!

  • Megan

    I’ve seen the french version of this movie, b/c I’m french, and it’s a great movie. It has had a lot of success here. I hope the american adaptation will be great

  • LifesGood

    im excited for this movie bc its gonna be a independent film=) yayy they;re gonna get to do way more in the movie with no restrictions that big name movies have:)
    woohooo this guys is SEXYYY<3 not more than liam thoo lol so good choice:)

  • Anonymous

    You know she’ll be dumping Liam for him in no time. She must always fall for a costar.

  • Hangover