Kevin Jonas Z100 On iPad, Joe’s Glasses

  • Anonymous

    idk why i don’t like kevin. i love the jbs thou

  • Anonymous

    actually I think he does snore, but they probably don’t sleep in separate rooms because of it. she can get earplugs. he looks like he could lose a lot of weight, and from my experience (both parents and older brother are overweight or at least “solid”) people like that tend to snore quite loudly.

  • Tori

    aww… KEVIN!! i love him, he’s awesome. i’m glad to hear from him!

  • Anonymous

    Nice interview. Not sure why he had to get asked a Joe question though.

  • MollySmellsOfFlowers

    Kevin :D <3

  • KAMARIS!(:

    OMJONAS! I LOVE Kevin SO MUCH <3 Stop messing with him -.-

  • KristinaMarie559

    Ah I love Kevin:)
    I wish more people would love him!

  • Anonymous

    Kevin, I was mad too. That rumor was stupid -_-

  • teresa


  • Bre

    lol we all know the rumor about him snoring wasn’t true. And I know it’s people’s opinions but i think Kevin’s the best <3<3 love him

  • MeenuD

    Kevin, I love you.

  • stori39

    Lol! So that rumor about him snoring really loud wasn’t true at all. I knew it was bullshit… XD

  • biebsoulmate

    kevin is a 1 sweet guy but hes seems boring me

  • Hilary

    Kevin .

  • JonasandMileyPones

    Well, Kevin, aren’t you hot. ;)

  • Anonymous


  • selena hq

    I could care less about kevin jonas..

  • Anonymous

    Aww, that was sweet! Nice to hear from Kevin!