Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart HOUSE?

Robert Pattinson on The Jay Leno Show June 15. Rob is reportedly living with girlfriend Kristen Stewart for the summer. According to Us Weekly, he leaves clothes everywhere and never makes the bed!


  • Anonymous

    I agree. Rob is so hot and they make such an adorable couple.

  • rachel

    how adorable is he in this? and they are a great couple!


    This interview made me love him even more <3

  • Anonymous

    i can’t believe how cute and sweet his is. they’re perfect! and perfect for each other :)

  • Anonymous

    woooh hooo first comment he is actin kinda gay though :s

  • Fiona

    They make a cute couple. <3 them

  • Anonymous

    hmm.. not sure about this. but they are so totally together

  • Anonymous

    he’s so cute in that interview!!

  • emma13

    wow i cant belive im saying this but he looks sort of hot with that haircut. he should keep it like that more often.

  • Anonymous

    i watched this last night and fell even more in love with him :)
    when he reads his dad’s emails out hes so cute…

  • Anonymous

    sooo cute! LOVE <3