• Anonymous

    lol i love them nohomo

  • sexxynickj

    MeenuD said:

    I can not wait until this Twilight crap is over.


    Totally agree. The whole case is becoming over exposed and there is still breaking dawn to go…

  • MaryMary

    It’s LAUTNER.
    Just sayin’ :P

  • emma13

    after today i think im gonna stop going on this site. im only on right now because im bored but anyways my two favorite people in twilight.

  • TayBrii__?

    Taylor = hot. <3 ;)

  • Fiona

    They seem to be promoting more and more these days together… hmm wonder where Edward is… ;)

  • Anonymous

    She’s such a natural beauty! And her legs go on for miles…

  • Anonymous

    His name is Taylor LAUTNER

  • Anonymous

    lmao @ anonymous …. awwww Lauty looks tired :(

  • Hilary

    He signed autographs for my friend!!
    And she touched Kristen and got her autograph
    I asked her and she said she’s too cute.

    /Cool story =)

  • Anonymous

    ROB is in LA filming Water for Elephants. Edward is in Forks.

  • selena hq

    this is getting annoying… she should stick to rob…


  • -Jenii

    TAYLOR <333

  • Hangover

    I love them!

  • Afterglow

    Mmmmm Taylor Lautner <3<3

  • carbomb__

    TAYLORR !!!

  • Anonymous
  • MeenuD

    I can not wait until this Twilight crap is over.

  • Anonymous

    i love them together :D !

  • _liesyoutold

    Fuck. They’re in Rome.. Fuck.
    I need them to come to Milan. Now.

  • biebsoulmate

    jacob watch where your hads are touching dont want 2 get in 2 a fight with edward, she taken

  • Anonymous

    they both look amazing.
    espeically lautner, he’s always perfect…