Megan Fox JONAH HEX Premiere Sexy


Megan Fox & Kay Panabaker premiere Jonah Hex @ Arclight Theatres. Fame.


    Megan, what have you done to yourself ? ;\

  • suckit

    i can she why she doesn’t smile look at the 2 pic wow

  • liam

    she used to be a cutie but she looks like a 40 yr old now with all that surgery :[

  • mcdlovexo

    She is so ugly!

  • Anonymous

    Bad skin….eww
    she also has itty bitty titties

  • Chanells__Cool

    Love the dress!

  • Anonymous

    lol @ you saying she’s ugly. buy glasses.

  • frhrgblv

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  • emma13

    since when did ou post about megan fox? well anyways she looks pretty.

  • vanessa

    LOL , at anybody who is calling her ugly, she does look a little different, but shes gorgeous, shes my girl crush! go megan!

  • Anonymous

    WTF did she do to her face? its looks like she got botox and lip injections. well, more lip injections. her boob job is old news. i don’t understand how people consider her beautiful. paying for your beauty isn’t attractive in my book; it’s just fake.

  • Anonymous

    she didn’t get botox, she got cheek implants.

  • ManTigerBMW

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  • Anonymous

    did she get work done look like it and i hope her acting is good in this movie because she just get passes because of her looks

  • fendical
  • Anonymous

    theres only one reason to watch this movie… JOHN GALLAGHER JR

  • RiseAboveTheStorm

    she’s gorgeous<3

  • Anonymous

    lol @ you saying she’s ugly. buy glasses.

    It’s called an OPINION, and everybody’s entitled to one.
    I don’t think she looks attractive here either.

  • Anonymous

    shes sooo overrated, not even tht pretty

  • mearno
  • Danger-ous

    I used to think she was the be all and end all of gorgeous, but she’s really jacked her face up. It’s sad, she was really naturally pretty.

  • Kristeels

    did she have botox or something like that? ;o
    I think she doesn’t look the same or is it just me?

  • pthrifikxz
  • Anonymous

    she looks weird …. she likes like my old modelling teacher but my teachers prettier …. has she had botox in her cheeks they look weird …. okay well if their cheek implants she should get them removed imidiately thhey look GROSSSS …. why would she change herself she was prettier before

  • Thats_Hot

    She’s my lesbian crush ;)

  • iloveyouux0x
  • saterdater
  • Anonymous

    Her face looks weird… She got botox or a face lift or something.

  • gkd13


  • NeverShoutNeverrr

    just saw Jonah Hex, and it wasn’t that great. It wasn’t bad, just nothing really happened. :/

  • Anonymous

    wow. . . she looks horrible. I never found her good looking. The only people who find her good looking are teenage boys

  • Anonymous

    honestly, in the first picture, i thought it was a wax figure


    Love her, but this isn’t her best look.

  • Hilary

    I don’t like the dress she’s wearing
    but still she looks amazing.

  • TSLove

    Wow.She looks pretty.I actually find her pretty this time.She looks like a classi movie time.Kind Vivien Leigh-ish.But no one is as gorgeous as Vivien in my eyes.I adore the dress and the hair style.

  • TSLove

    classiC movie time ACTRESS.
    I just woke up so give me a break :/

  • Your Mom Was Here

    She’s gorgeous :)

  • Anonymous

    see oceanup she’s sexy

  • Anonymous

    I’d go lesbian for her. <3

  • Anonymous

    did she loose weigh?

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t look good at all, which is really weird for me to say because I usually think she’s the most beautiful thing…
    she’s losing her appeal :/

  • Amazement_rose

    megan fox is over rated


    UGH I used to be so freaking in love with her but now she looks like Heidi Montag. (is that how you spell it? IDEK)she obviously had something done ’cause look at her face. :(