Thomas Fiss CAMPLIFIED Summer Tour

  • jblove21

    thomas is awesome =] you guys should check him out
    congrats tfiss! fan since vfc and beyond

  • CRIS


  • Anonymous

    I love Thomas :) yay!

  • Anonymous

    You are GUUUY Bro ;)

  • L.O.

    OMGG.Thomas has nother post on Oceanup.So happy for him (:
    He was in a group called Varsity Fanclub.
    I love T Fiss (:

  • Anonymous

    He was from a boyband called Varsity Fanclub. You can youtube them! Right now though, this guy right here has broken off from that band and they have found a replacement.

    Basically Thomas Fiss is a guy who has never failed to sweep his fans off their feets with his soothing voice!(: You can youtube him and watch his covers^^

  • TSLove

    Who is he? He’s following me on twitter.I know he was an extra in the titantice when he was very young.

  • Kristeels

    I don’t know him :x
    But good for him (: I hope he gets far!

  • Anonymous

    Thomas WHO?


  • DavidArchiefan

    Who is he????

  • Disdain


  • Disdain


  • carys

    …. Who??:(.

  • Anonymous

    he’s in the band varsity fan club. so sad that they’re not famous yet, he’s adorable and so talented!! check them out!