Gregg Sulkin On Avalon High/ Perfect Girl

Gregg talks about his new film Avalon High and his perfect girl under.

  • Anonymous
  • Talkyoudown

    Gregg is a real cutie! I hope he comes back on Wizards. British Guys are the best JS.

  • Anonymous

    eepp! avalon high! that book is great

  • Lovelier Than Thou

    Well I’m presuming the novel and the film is a parody on the Arthurian legends and King Arthur and since the actor needed to play Arthus is required to have a british accen I’d say they made a pretty decent choice picking him for the role.

  • Mahima

    he’s playing the lead in avalon high?
    i was thinking more of a blond chace crawford guy.
    he’s supposed to be 6’2

  • Alyy

    I LOVE THE BOOK! :)Cant wait too see the movie! EPP!

  • MeenuD

    Who’s this guy?

  • -Jenii

    MeenuD said:

    Who’s this guy?
    I think hes the one who played Alex’s love interest on Wizards.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Aww, I love Gregg :)

  • Chanel13_

    He is so sexy i love him haha

  • Disdain