Emily Osment Let’s Be Friends Acoustic

‘Clap Your Hands’ under! Thx eomcbr.

  • chocolatelemonade

    well i only listened to ‘let’s be friends’ and she’s good. at first i wasn’t gonna give her a chance cause i thought just another disney actress singing…but that’s more debby ryan. emily is VERY good and i like her sound (you don’t hear that kinda soft jazz very often and i’m glad she’s bringing it back) and the lyrics are good. wow i wish her the best in both acting and singing…she’s gd.

  • Adry

    I think I like this version better.I agree shes better with acoustic and less electronic.Either way I love Emily..Woooo

  • Anonymous20

    wow that was awesome!! Emily has a really nice voice. She sounds very good acoustic. Next time they need to leave out all that techno / electronic crap.

  • Anonymous21

    Emily sounds amazing!! Her voice is awesome.

  • iLoveChimpanzee

    love her.
    she can sing
    she is ipod worthy

  • H

    She’s absolutely amazing! <3

  • Anonymous

    Likes it …..Yay!!!!!!!!!!

  • _Tiger_

    Wow, impressive. She is actually very good.


    WOW. She’s so good.

    she can actually sing.
    Not saying that other disney stars can’t…but she’s much more enjoyable to listen to. With other stars liek selena and Miley – they’re sitll good, but you can really hear the difference bewteen the album and live performances. With emily it sounds almost the same, and really like…easy for her :P

  • Anonymous

    i think with a little more vocal work she can make her voice sound really unique because it already is. shes good. i like it

  • Anonymous

    omg she reminds me of carrie underwood!

  • Gina

    guess touring helped this girl out cause shes a lot better,,,,LOVES ME SOME EMILY EITHER WAY <3,,,,,,,,,,,,,:)

  • sjoh

    She’s amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Wow love it I think it really depends on the kind of songs she sings. Amazing. :)

  • Anonymous

    thank god. she’s actually talented.

  • Anonymous

    ugg she is soooo annoying

  • Anonymous

    One word AMAZING!!

  • Ine

    She has improved a lot! props to her.

    Still laughing at the fact she said her vocal teacher taught her how to sing without using her vocal chords… HAHHAHAA.
    That’s physically impossible, so I think she doesn’t know what she was talking about.

  • Anonymous


  • quartetofama


  • Anonymous

    Woooow she is really good !! WAY better than Miley Cyrus no offense…

  • dontforgetlaura

    Omg she’s good ! didn’t expected that wohoow

  • biebsoulmate

    I WANT HER 2 B THE NEXT BIG THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u know what i hate that episode in hannah when lilly trys to sing a song 4 her mom, y did they had 2 make her sound as if she was horrible when shes not. was miley jealous or somthing?????

  • Anonymous

    :O great :)
    GO EMILY !

  • Anonymous

    shes amazing. her voice is unique.

  • Mayra.

    Love Emily!!!

  • Anonymous

    the whole album should have been acoustic. she’s amazing without all that techno shit. she doesn’t need it. i love love her voice so much.<3

  • Anonymous

    she sounds like katy perry.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know she could sing like this :)
    Pleasant surprise

  • Chelseaa

    I love her hair.

  • -Hibz-

    I’m impressed!

    I didn’t know she could sing.

  • Victoria_x


    and wooot breakfast television.

  • -Jenii

    she sounds good

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care what anyone says, she’s very talented :)

  • biebsoulmate

    i just love her!!!!!!!!!!!
    shesauch a great person!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I really love emily osment! I do like the other stars from disney but shes definately stands out for me. shes so nice as well! Shes my icon for everything tbh! :L x

  • Anonymous

    She changed the lyrics from “Lets be friends so we can make out…”

    Hahaha I wonder why? Guess she shouldnt have recorded a song that she couldnt sing the real lyrics live.

  • Anonymous

    But in other news, she sounds great live! She and Demi are the best disney live acts.

    I <3 Selena though.

  • RiNiO

    She actually has a really good voice Wow!!! You Go Emily!!!!