• Anonymous

    catelynn lied to tyler.

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    Omg, yes!
    I love Bentley<3 He’s so cute.. :)
    And Macy seems like a good mom

  • timetogetfaded

    Super excited, I’m glad they picked the same girls as season 1. I didn’t like the other ones.

  • Erna

    Ahh can’t wait to see it! But I have too wait a long time before it airs in France! :/

  • SparksFly

    I love this show, can’t wait for this. I’m glad they kept the same ones.

  • Anonymous

    woops, i got summeritis (the terrible condition that consists of forgeting months and days of the week)

  • Anonymous

    Hate this show and everything it stands for. All it does is glorify teen pregnancy. The girls on this show get to be on tv for getting pregnant in high school. Definitely not the best message! In my opinion they should have just stopped with the first 16 and pregnant. I mean how many more seasons do we need of seeing girls get knocked up by their deadbeat boyfriends and then complain about how hard it is? MTV is such a joke these days!

  • Jessica

    im happy theyre using the original girls, otherwise i wouldn’t watch. :)

  • lovelife48

    YAY! I love this show, I am so excited :)
    Bently is the cutest thing ever…so adorable <3
    I’m glad their not adding girls from season 2, I like this group.

  • biebsoulmate

    because it is hard having a child, get a job,go 2 school, buy things 4 the baby, and send it 2 the doctor. they put iton tv 4 a very good reason, but your half right.butthose dad r bullshit and need 2 act like dads, there the 1s that knocked them up.

  • Anonymous

    They made a mistake!
    July 20th,Tuesday?? that already passed and it was a sunday.

    I guess they mean July 29th????

  • Anonymous


  • Eveline

    i cant wait !

  • Anonymous

    I went to the reunion show for the 3rd season of 16 and pregnant which hasnt aired yet and the fathers( except for 1) are all very involved in the childs life and are very good fathers.

  • xXxMusic_StarXxX

    Im soooo qlad they put back the season 1 one TM back.
    And omq Catelyn & Tyler?!? What will happen?
    Amber, she looks really qood know, she lost some weight.
    And Farrah sitution WOAH!! I knew her mom was qonna do that one day.

  • musicmylife1993

    Yayaayaaaaaayy, can twaittt:”D

  • Anonymous

    I love bently and macy seems like such a good mother to him

  • BirthdayCake

    This was the only season that I watched. The other seasons of girls just weren’t as good. I think that may be why they keep bringing it back.

  • Anonymous

    just watch on mtv.com if your in another country

  • i<3jemi

    awh, bently is fucking adorable!

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! I’m sooo stoked!! Can’t wait! :)
    btw Amber looks sooo good she lost ALOT of weight!

  • Anonymous

    They made a mistake!
    July 20th,Tuesday?? that already passed and it was a sunday.

    I guess they mean July 29th???
    JUNE 20 was a Sunday…JUNE 29 is a Tuesday. The current month is JUNE. NEXT month is JULY, and July 20 IS on a Tuesday…You got your months mixed up…

  • Jessica2010

    WOW amber looks great she lost a lot of weight!!

  • Chelseaa

    I’m excited for this! :D

  • MeenuD

    This is weird, I actually want to watch the show.

    I don’t get why the show is called “Teen Mom” and not “Teen Parents”? This show puts females down.

  • biebsoulmate

    MEENUD is right, its like the guy gets the girl preg, the baby grow inside her, she gives birth with pain, and now the dad dont think he should b a part of it or thank she has 2 handle the responsibility. thats what im saying if that guy really loves u he wouldnt put u in2 the situation. so if he says i love u so he can get what he wants stop him and say if u really love me u wouldnt do this.

  • Dessiree

    i freakin’ love this show, im glad it’s the same old people instead of the people that were just on season 2 of ’16 and pregnant’ i didnt like them.

  • beccaroo

    ahhh! i cant eait this semms really good and all the babies look soo cute!

  • biebsoulmate

    i just like 2 say b careful with who u do it with cause u dont know if they take that love seriously. JUST WAIT ALRIGHT AND IF U CANT THAN JUST BE CARE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow this looks soo intense!!


    I can’t wait! I’m glad they stay with the first season of moms and not add any. I’m so glad Farrah’s mom got served, she was evil! But Farrah is a spoiled brat and had her parents take care of HER child and is still living in THEIR house lol. Dumbasses anyhow. & that fat girl is so trashy!! anyone else agree?

  • xoxokatie8

    I freakin love this show.

  • Hilary

    Aww Bentley =) so cute