David Archuleta PHOTO SHOOT

My cheek’s a little puffy if you were wondering why my face seemed swollen..’

  • Kingston

    Beyond cute!

  • Fiona

    aw David

  • Chelseaa

    I love David A.(:

  • Paula

    You know, I love David the guy is beautiful, and sweet I think he is my favorite idol, one of my favorite singers with sure but he are junkie?

  • samanthahorst

    He seems so all over the place. I’ve never actually watched a video with him but this is kind of adorable :3

  • Anonymous

    love love love

  • Anonymous

    I love David so much! I’ll never understand how he can so cute and hot at the same time. It’s like he has so many layers to him. And yes, he is a little all over the place. He has too many thoughts running through his head simultaneously. That’s how he’s always been. I love it. And I’m soooo pumped for the single about to hit iTunes on June 20th!