Taylor Momsen Zombie Puma Social Club

Warped Tour kickoff promo under!

  • Anonymous

    its amazing, i love her. the pretty reckless is fantastic undescribable rock music with great lyrics.

  • springstrawberry

    Wow, I LOVE her music !!!!!! Not a hudge fan of Taylor, but this ! Can’t wait for the full album ! She has such a great voice ! A 17year old doing rock music is very unusual !

  • SummerKisses

    not a huge fan of taylor momsen but im a fan of her music. respect.

  • Belle

    great song. Never actually heard her sing before. Glad I watched this video.

  • Nate

    I WANT THE FREAKEN CD!!!! The music is so real and not commercialy like Selena’s and Miley’s.

  • Hangover

    Her songs are Epic.

  • MeenuD

    Never really listened to any of her music. Don’t want to if I’m being honest.

  • Lily

    if you love photography you should check out my blog. its full of beautiful photos!! (:


  • Hilary

    Love you little J.

  • Sav

    I love this song! Their EP is awesome, I can’t wait for the whole album!!