Vacation W/ Derek Red Carpet Premiere

Michael Seater & Ashley Leggat at 2:50.

  • emma13

    it already aired in Canada. US doesn’t get it till December. But it’s on YouTube.
    aww that sucks. oh well i guess i’ll wait till december.

  • ayniess

    OMG I haven’t recognised Lizzie!! She’s sooo grown up!

  • GRACiiiE33

    Oh my god, I used to love this show.
    Hahaha I don’t care if it makes me lame, I’m sooo watching.

  • Belle

    wow. Lizzie is beautiful! I loved this show. Is this going to air in Disney?

  • Anonymous

    I remember this, I loved it! It kinda went downhill in Season 4 when Casey went through some personality change…and Noel went away :(

  • cherryrad23

    i honestly used to love tht show soo much!
    i miss it!
    & i saw the movie ,its rly rly good, love it :)

  • Anonymous


    They have a BABY…..

    Source: I watched it in Canada. I’ll post on

  • Anonymous

    the movie was so bad lol
    my friend fell asleep.

  • bluesfan3410

    I love that show!

  • Anonymous


  • Fiona

    I actually never really liked this show.
    Some episodes were good to me but overall I didn’t like it.
    Wow the cast grew up. (I guess I’m the only person that isn’t a huge fan, lol)

  • -Jenii

    Love that show and cant wait for the movie :P

  • InTheNightSky

    aww they look so grown up now i loved their show!
    the girl who plays lizzy is so grown up aww i miss the show!

  • emma13

    omg i loved this show.

  • jt710

    When/where is this airing?

  • CB

    it already aired in Canada. US doesn’t get it till December. But it’s on YouTube.

  • Anonymous

    I wanna see this!!

  • biebsoulmate

    *in a caring face lie*
    good 4 him.

  • Anonymous

    i care…

  • Anonymous

    is michael Seater, not Derek Seater

  • Anonymous

    i absolutley loved the show


    ummmm yeah his name is sort of Michael Seater. Not Derek Seater haha respect the man.

  • Disdain

    I really used to love this show :D

  • Disdain

    Wooh. LOL

  • Anonymous

    first ?