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Mitchel Musso Cody Simpson FAM JAMS


From Genevieve: My friend Amanda & I went to Fam Jams show in Philadelphia to see Mitchel Musso, but we ended up meeting Cody Simpson a couple of times! In person he was really adorable and cute (: He was really nice, and later after his set there was large group of girls following him and screaming.

They were so crazy. Overall he was a really sweet and Mitchel’s performance was awesome! We met Jason Castro too, and Mitchel but could not get a picture with him. Videos under!


Ashley Tisdale And Scott Sunny Shoppers


Ashley Tisdale and boyfriend Scott Speer embrace the summer weather in LA walking hand-in-hand to Malibu Country Mart. The couple wore matching grey shirts and flip flops. Tisdale, wearing light blue Ray Ban sunglasses, carried a shopping bag from Planet Blue. Photos: PacificCoastNews.


Sel, ‘I Wore Sports Bras To Play Beezus’


Selena Gomez NY Daily News interview. Can you relate to Beezus: I think every teenage girl understands what Beezus is going through. She is very responsible and I admire that. When I was younger I always wanted to please my parents.

I wanted to come home with an amazing drawing or painting or something and say, ‘Are you proud of me?’ This family is very similar to my family. The kids want to impress the parents and the parents are going to say they love what their kids create even if it’s the ugliest thing.

How did you impress your parents? Whenever I watched a concert on television, I always said I wanted people to stand and clap for me. Then I would write songs and perform them for my parents. The lyrics were terrible, stuff about the sky and hearts and love. But every time, my family would stand up and applaud.

Was it hard to play a 15-year-old? I had to adjust my look. I wore sports bras for a flatter look. I also had to be really uncomfortable in my skin, which is actually hard for me to do. There were times when the director would remind me to..

..act less comfortable. The kiss scene was particularly awkward. I mean, don’t you remember, being 15 and having a girl crush? It’s humiliating, embarrassing and terrible.

Do you visit New York City a lot? Yes I do. I love New York. Not the heat, of course, but I’m from Texas, so I’m used to it. I go to Patsy’s Restaurant to have pizza because that’s where I’m told Frank Sinatra went. I love Frank Sinatra. And then I go to Serendipity Cafe and have some hot chocolate.

Advice to young stars? You have to be passionate. The amount of negativity in this business brings you down so much you have to love it to do it. Fortunately, I love my music, my show, my fans and my clothing line. My passion makes everything worth it despite the negativity.

What styles are you into? I love flowing dresses that are really comfy. I also like jeggings, which look like jeans but are actually tights. I want to make clothes that everyone can wear and will never go out of style.


Cristiano Ronaldo UCLA TRAINING


New daddy Cristiano Ronaldo training with his team Real Madrid at University of California Los Angeles, Thursday afternoon. Photos: Fame. Thanks @thiischick!