David Archuleta Something ‘Bout Love Full

  • February_Air

    new favorite song! love it :]

  • Ash

    cuteee :)

  • Anonymous

    5weet – I don’t hear any autotune in it except maybe in the intro. The synths and filtering on the music give it some of the sound similar to autotune but if you listen just to David’s voice I don’t hear it. He hates autotune. He says it robs the emotion from a voice.

  • Anonymous

    Love it!! Perfect summer dance tune.

  • Anonymous

    this song is fiyahhhhhhhh! david is coming back hard as hell with this one – it’s my new jam!

  • xxyoubelongwithmexx12

    One of my favorite idols! David Archuleta is extremely talented! <3

  • Shana Doodee Minaj

    i once dreamed that i dated him .His arms were like 4 inches long , lolz .

  • Anonymous

    i love it!

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Archie! I love him. The song is awesome but why the hell did they have to use autone on his voice? He has an amazing voice and he certainly doesn’t need that shit.

  • Anonymous

    OMG I LOVE IT! His voice is amazing!

  • suckit

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  • iSpeak4mE

    now this guy can sing! I remember watching him on American Idol, what a cutie. gay, but cute lol.

  • penguin

    i’m lovin’ something bout this song. xD

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    Eh, don’t feel to listen to it…really…

  • Anonymous

    cool song! love it

  • kiley

    Love the song and love that David co-wrote it. Can’t wait to hear it live. It will be amazingly epic and awesome. Too bad he’s not touring with Demi this summer.

  • Anonymous