Justin Bieber MN Mall Water Fight, Buyout


From Mariah: Gretchen, Melissa, Larissa and Jessi organized a buyout June 28 at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. Justin Bieber came to the mall. He was going to come to the buyout, but the mall got to crazy! Over 150 us came out to support the buyout, CDs were donated to Make A Wish Foundation!

  • biebgirl

    for a white boy he does really well!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    so sweet (:
    would love to meet him.
    oh godd,
    shirtless & hatless bieber.
    might as well get a new eardrum now guyss :)

  • biebsoulmate

    u got 2 love him.

  • RayofSonshine93

    aww that’s so sweet that they formed that JB but they must’ve been disappointed, i mean the Jonas Brothers weren’t even there.

  • Sweetdisposition?

    WOW, go Biebs!

  • Fiona

    I like the pic. of all the girls (and some boys…) making a JB sign.
    That was nice to donate the CDs.

  • Anonymous

    RAYOFSUNSHINE93 i not sayin im not a fan of the joe bros, but hon the jonas family r not that intesting anymore. im still in love with nick and joe.

  • Anonymous

    HUH!! I live in the twin cities the mall of america did not go crazy and Justin Bieber walked arounded without even being hounded nobody could have cared less!! They even had a write in the paper about it…and also about how much he concert and he sucked!!

  • biebgirl

    anonymous everyone has a name here, huh almost everyone but call yourself I’M A BITCH WHO HATES ON HOT GUYS!!!!
    got it it looks good on you.

  • taytayx
  • taytayx
  • taytayx
  • _liesyoutold


  • Alexx.


  • tessa

    single and ready to mingle? kkk whatever justin….

  • teresa

    oh hey i live near the mall of america! wouldnt go anyways though

  • BirthdayCake

    Justin getting all the girls wet. What else is new? Hahaha. That was inapproperiate. Sorry.

  • kayisl0vex

    wet justin wet justin ;)