Savannah Outen Find Your Love Mashup

  • Anonymous

    she’s all hype. she’s not very good. this isn’t a good mashup at all.

  • Caity-!in

    Shes got an awesome voice. For those asking who is she is she just a youtuber or what well she does youtube and thats how she got discovered but she had kinda the theme song for make it or break it on abc family, like thats the song that played on make it or break its commercials and shes made an album and i hav it on my ipod its pretty cool and that was an awesome mashup, i didnt knwo the 1rst one i knew somebody to love and find you love but i didnt know the first part

  • biebsoulmate

    if u only know was my favorite song

  • Anonymous

    why isn’t she BIG YET!!…she is sooo great!! good mashup girl…keep up the good work!!!!

  • memiAndniley

    She’s a good singer kinda

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Omg I love this mashup, mostly bcause she used my bb’s song. (:

  • twycgnb

    i have no idea who she is ? is she famous or some youtube randomer or something ?

  • Anonymous

    AMAAZIIING!!! ^^
    shes awesome! good video gurl! Keep doing them :)! I love how she sings, amazing voice!

  • Anonymous

    She is incredible!

  • Sel&demiFan

    SHe is awesome but she sing to much wwith her throat but overall she is soooooo good