The Pretty Reckless WARPED TOUR ’10

  • Anonymous

    Her band mates are more interesting and funnier than she is

  • Anonymous

    such a shame her personality is the ugliest thing ever…cause her voice is beautiful

  • Anonymous

    ben from the pretty reckless = win.

  • Anonymous

    Ona xorosha

  • Anonymous

    she looks like she dipped her face in charcoal and her false persona is really annoying

  • WinterPeace

    Cool, I really like the band :D and first? damn… oceanup is DEAD… :l

  • Promnight95

    She Is The Shiz

  • shamelesss

    the pretty reckless are amazing, taylors got a great voice but everyone seems to forget the musicians are really talented too.

  • saywhaaat

    shes weird. but i like her…if that makes sense.

  • Anonymous

    She talksh like thish

    weird.. she didn’t talk that way before.

    Anyway I love her songs!

  • Anonymous

    You’re right she totally changed the way she talks..

  • peacelovehearts

    Hate this girl’s ignorrance, love her talent <3