Tiffany Giardina, Jackson Rathbone, Corbin Bleu, Elizabeth Gillies attended The Last Airbender premiere at Alice Tully Hall in New York City, Wednesday evening. PR Photos. Are YOU going to see Airbender?

  • Anonymous

    jacksons white suit is very nice!

    really love Tiffany Giardina’s dress, how it comes out on the sides! Very cool!

  • Belle

    why are they all wearing white? (except for corbin of course)

  • Anonymous

    This movie was awful. It was really disappointing

  • timetogetfaded

    Holy shit Jackson, you sexy bastard.

  • Fiona

    Tiffany’s dress and Jackson’s suit make them look like they are about to get married.

    btw, who’s Jackson?

  • Anonymous

    are they going out?
    cause theyd be really cute, ngl.


    Jackson is attractive.

  • Anonymous

    I heard this sucked. I want to see it for myself since I watch the series but I have a feeling the people I have heard from might be right.

  • Anonymous

    im seeing it tomorrow<3333 :D

  • Anonymousssssssssssssss

    jackson rathnone plays jasper hale is twilight fiona!

    he is a god! i love him<3

  • lisa1223

    this movie has amazing ratings it looks really good! congrats to jackson! and the stars who came all look great!!!

  • Anonymous

    Did they plan to match? Lol that’s so cute!

  • Anonymous

    I heard the movie was awesome !

  • selfann


  • Anonymous

    They look so hot !

  • OhMyMiley

    Elizabeth Gillies somehow reminds me of JoJo…

  • .emily.

    theres just something about jackson that i LOVE!! lmfao..
    as for tiffany?? yeah not so muchh;; really hope their not
    going out :\

  • Anonymous

    Tiff date me !

  • Anonymous

    i thought the movie was pretty good. idk why people disliked it so much. go see it for yourself and u decided dont trust other peoples oppinions.

  • maria

    did they go together?? cute.

  • xCookieMuffin


  • Hilary

    she looks so weird

  • cami

    yup im going to see it

  • Sweetdisposition?

    Jackson, what’s up with the face?
    That doesn’t look cool…lmao.

  • Anonymous

    Jackson, what’s up with the face?
    That doesn’t look cool…lmao.


  • Anonymous

    who watched the movie. was it terrible like the reviews said?

  • simplygood

    Who’s Tiffany Giardina? Jackson Rathbone looks so weird, haha! They say the movie wasn’t that good :/

  • Heather

    they look hot. new couple alert?!?!?

  • mbella

    Tiffany is so pretty. and borbin blue cheese was there too? i love him :DDD

  • Jamie

    they all look great. love Tiffany’s dress and Jackson’s suit <3