David Henrie Chelsea Staub CABO Beach


David Henrie is celebrating his 21st birthday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

  • sexxynickj

    you know they are all getting bombed this weekend! ha!

  • ^_^

    Reminds me of a Jersey Shore promo, just censored.

  • Anonymous

    They got to be the hottest people at the beach, lol.

  • Chanells__Cool

    Wow. David’s got a bomb body!

    I want him! :P

  • Anonymous

    why did chelsea get so skinny??? is she anorexic? she just looks a little scary skinny :/

  • Anonymous

    Nicole and David would be so cute together! i think it’s so cute how Nicole and Chelsea are the only girls he brought with him. who knew they were that close!

  • DemiandMileyPones


  • Anonymous

    i know huh funny, and they would make a really cute couple dontcha think????

  • Fiona

    David has a fit body

  • Anonymous

    David is so hot. I love him. David & Selena is really cute together. Delena will be the couple perfect.

  • lovelyy

    wow he’s 21? I had no idea.

  • Kristeels

    Why should he get a tan? :/
    I don’t want him to look fake ;o

    He looks good (:

  • simplygood

    yeah… hmm… well… hmm. How can I say this? he’s horrible, and I’m glad he’s in Cabo he needs a tan!haha:)

  • Caity-!in

    This has been on here since 5 and has 21 comments….shows how much ppl care about them.

  • RiNiO

    That girl between these guys is Nicole Anderson? I can’t see clear and I don’t think is her?
    plzzzzzzz answer me!

  • pceloveguitar

    He’s on my favorite soap opera <3

  • Anonymous

    is it me or is chelsea getting grossly skinny?

  • cya

    Chelsea have anorexia?

  • Anonymous

    why do disney people constantly go to cabo….dani and kevin honeymooned there..jobros vacationed months later there, demi was just there..now them…what the hell

  • Anonymous

    wow! i live in cabo san lucas.. an it’s very cloudy an windy today… hahaha

  • Julianna

    Coool stuff :)

  • onetreephil

    not first

  • iMystified

    I hate that word…Cabo. -.-
    idk,I find it to be an ugly word.

  • Ginger

    Oh please, tan is overrated, not to mention it can cause skin cancer. I love David’s paleness, and with that hot body of his, yum!

  • LizzieHawkins

    LOL David needs a tan

  • Anonymous

    I thought vampires cant go to the sun ? ..No just kidding .LUCKKY THEM ;)

  • NickChicky

    (Shyly say hi) I feel so stupid for leaving and saying im not coming back, but HEY! IM BACK!! Who missed me?

  • bluesfan3410

    Ahhh I see Mark!

  • LizzieHawkins


  • MeenuD

    Damn, I’m jealous of all that sun.