• TheOne

    Its about time they did another “Tales Of Sebastian” Video. they are JOKES, so was this one.

  • Anonymous

    isnt that the same girl in justin bieber music video baby?

    >> it is : Jasmine Villegas
    she tweeted it

  • Anonymous


  • biebsoulmate

    isnt that the same girl in justin bieber music video baby?

  • Imnotahater

    wtf??? i hate jasmine villegas ,,, and i always watch sebastian tales i like justin bieber and does she have to be in everythinggg ughh;;;;;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elodie

    i like how jake acts like a real teenager :)

  • Anonymous

    Idk why
    I actually like it

  • Anonymous

    Who is Sebastian ?

  • biebsoulmate

    yyyaaa IMNOTAHATER ya your right your really arent hating andi hate bieber.

  • Victoria_x

    oh jake.

  • Anonymous

    lol jake is taller than christian

  • biebsoulmate

    im like his little fan and hes so cute and sweet like really sweet

  • Anonymous

    OMG, jake is so funnnnnnny! i love him im so glad they did another one ive watched the other ones lyk 5 times each now! Hes so nice too i met him on a cruise ship!

  • jakeyfans

    i love him<333 dont worry there will be another one its already filmied ;D

  • HeatherJBxoxo

    FINALLY! I loved these videos. So glad they did another.

  • Paulette


  • Anonymous

    cool im 1st! :P didnt watch the viedo yet!

  • scene Kidx3

    cool, i love jake.t austin!

  • Disdain

    I’d watch that…