JoJo BREAKEVEN The Script Cover

  • simplyashley

    I love her so much, so underrated!

  • Shana Doodee Minaj

    Cant believe it , i thought her album was comin out on august ? They keep on pushing the release date away .This is fucking annoyoin , i keep on listenning to her old tracks though .SHE NEEDS 2 COME BACK.Girl is missed

  • ldpmagettct

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  • Fiona

    Love her
    She has a great voice and her hair is always amazing looking, I just had to say it, lol

  • Shana Doodee Minaj

    By the way , Bresil lost they ‘re not in the FWC no more .Shizzle im broken inside

  • Shana Doodee Minaj

    is that a glass or a bottle ?
    Her throat is really dry if its a glass

  • Raquel

    LOOK AT THE TOILET.. hahahaha!

  • holaaaa

    love her so much!!
    I miss her music!
    she needs to comeback with a new album!!

  • Anonymous

    AMazingg voicee

  • gdsfgsdfgfdg

    aww i liked her hair before :/
    whatever like it matters i still love her
    damn this girl cansing itt yeahh



  • xxyoubelongwithmexx12

    Gosh, I love her voice and her skin and hair look so beautiful :D

  • Anonymous

    Most of the time, people record youtube video covers in their bathrooms when at home, or near their bathrooms, because the bathroom usually has the best acoustics out of any room in the house. So logically, there is a chance, you’d see a toilet. Her voice sounds great though. I’m ready to see her comeback.

  • Anonymous

    haha her hair makes me think of cher for some reason

  • vicky_sweet

    that was really great where hav u been i got all ur cd’s”saying what they say on MTV”

  • wearestellar
  • -Hibz-

    I’m confused.. Why does she do YT covers?
    Is she not a signed artist? :/

  • dhfompgui

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  • Bertsura

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  • _liesyoutold

    her hair…

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    Love her, like seriously her skin is always FLAWLESS.

  • Mahima

    she can so sing.

  • Anonymous

    this is really good.

    does she only do youtube covers now tho?

    id love to see more of her…

  • demi is my girl crush

    OMG!!!!! i miis JoJo i used to love her! looks like homegurl still got it.

  • idkMyBFFjill

    she always looks mad. but that was really amazing. whats going on with all her record company crap now?

  • Anonymous

    Woah jojo can sing!!!

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    Love this song.