Very Happy 25th Birthday Ashley Tisdale!


  • Anonymous

    Wow, in 5 mor yrs she’ll be 30. BTW, she has the same b-day as Lindsey Lohan.

  • Fiona

    Happy Birthday Ashley.
    We have the same birthday!

  • Anonymous

    she’s never getting outta disney!

  • Anonymous

    Her without makeup and with brown hair makes her look older than 25. IMO.

  • MissSmiley

    25 years old? Get out of Disney, gurl!

  • MissSmiley

    Oh and Happy Birthday :D

  • bluesfan3410

    Same birthday as my dad. Happy Birthday Ashley!!

  • Lolerer

    SHES 25 WOAH!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gosh that chick is 25, y are you still reporting on her. If her career hasn’t taken off by now, there is no hope for her. There should be an age limit for Disney stars.

  • Alixes

    Happy Brt- Day Ashley good luck for your career… Signs

  • BabyV.Fan

    Woah, 25? She looks around 20-21.
    Happy Birthday, Ashley!

  • Anon :)

    Aint nothin’ but a he said, she said.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve finally found…what i’ve been lookin’ forrr. Doo doo da doo, doo doo da doo doo.

  • ZanessaxJoenessa

    Anonymous said:

    Her without makeup and with brown hair makes her look older than 25. IMO.


    I AGREE! Lol

  • Anonymous

    has-been. :/

  • iloveyouux

    She’s 25 and still working in Disney…SMH

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    Fuck shes 25? Ashley please throw away Sharpay already

  • emma13

    happy birthday.

  • twycgnb

    she looks sooo much younger :)

  • Anonymous

    happy birthday bitch and mind your business next time

  • yesss

    its my b-day too

  • Anonymous

    She just can’t get over Disney…
    She’s almost 30 and still plays shit characters

  • pceloveguitar

    i did NOT know she was 25…she seems waaay younger than that.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Ashley!!! Have a great one! (:


  • simplygood

    Hmm..happy birthday?

  • Disdain


  • Anonymous

    She looks young, because she is young!!
    Happy Birthday Ashley!!

  • Anonymous

    She looks young, because she is young!!
    Happy Birthday Ashley!!

  • diane n.

    25 already?
    wow, happy birthday ashley!

  • Anonymous

    Wow she’s really getting older!

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    Wow she looks really young. :S

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday!
    You are awsme as sharpay and the new movie will be awsome
    you rck

  • ms.sunshine

    it is?? well HAPPY B-DAY ASH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • musiciseverything

    Happy Happy Birthday!! :)

  • Hilary

    she doesn’t look 25 but happy birthday to her!

  • Anonymous

    25! I didn’t realize how old she was. i mean 25 isn’t old…but still. she doesn’t look it. happy birthday.

  • Frederikke


    OMG 25 years old´already.. time is going fast.. But you’re still my favorite actress! Love ya! <3

    And to everyone inside this page, if you don’t like her, then don’t read and comment about her :D

  • jayjonas

    awww happy birthday tissy :p

  • Vessy

    Happy Birthday Ashley Tisdale .I wish you all the best have a great birthday party. I LOVE YOU and Bulgaria loves you , too.

  • Sammi

    She totally looks 18 and 19…Nway ..a BBQ bash to u <3 ya

    u rock man… bad:) u rock girl!!

  • Paulette

    Happy B-day! She doesn’t look 25 at all.

  • music_girl22

    i know im late but happy belated birthday i cant believe she’s alreayd 25 she looks so young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous