Camp Rock 2 Turn It Up And Rock It Out

From Rebecca: The camp I go to French Woods Festival of Performing Arts is putting on a performance of Camp Rock. This is the very first time Camp Rock will ever be performed, so Disney will be there watching. There might even be a surprise visit from the cast! Here is what French Woods blog said:

‘Disney’s Camp Rock: The Musical is being developed for 11 – 17 year olds in session 2 based on the Disney Channel movie as well as the new movie that will be released in the fall. This summer was supposed to be about relaxing, enjoying their music, and getting to know each other better.

But with Camp Star across the lake threatening Camp Rock’s very existence, Mitchie and Shane must spend every waking moment getting the campers into top shape for the final jam!’ They will perform it around mid July. It is not definite if the cast will make an appearance, but we are hoping some of them do!

  • carys


  • carys

    Can’t wait for camp rock 2.(:
    Kev- Who wants to be lead singer?
    *People put their hands up.*
    Your going to have wear tight pants and learn how to play tamborine.
    Joe- I Heard that!.

    Joe sounds funny then. :P

  • Angela

    What up with that? Our school is the first in the world to do Camp Rock: The Musical, but we’re not acknowledged for that. Opening night is this week! Tell your friends that Green Valley is doing the world premier of Camp Rock: The Musical.

  • YourLoveIsWhereImFalling

    mmm i don’t know what to think ’bout this movie, hope it will be good.

  • moonshoespotter


  • juliett jonas

    i can’t wait for CAMP ROCK 2 YAYYY

  • Anne

    Joe is a BITCH !!! I HATE HIM

  • ms.sunshine

    LMAO at: “Your going to have wear tight pants and learn how to play tamborine”
    “I Heard that!” CANT WAIT!