• chocolatelemonade

    those stars are cute and lol at that joke AND that joke made by DZ on JONAS LA about bagles TOO FUNNY!

  • TSLove

    I love that lip stick on her :)Claire and Grant are so cute!
    I hope one day Taylor and Grant date but Claire and Grant are great together.Grant would make a good dad to Claire’s baby

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Aww, she looks really pretty :)

  • GabriellaS

    Taylor Swift is the best thing on the planet. end of

  • Anonymous

    good to look it…

  • tonymybrick
  • Anonymous

    she’s genuine kinda like apple pie and vanilla bean. you always know what you’re gettin. love you taylor.

  • Anonymous

    I love Taylor Swift she is an amazing performer and singer!

  • Amazement_rose

    taylor swift is the niceist celeb on the planet <3 love her

  • Anonymous

    she is classy, her songs are wonderful, she is awesome with her fans, she is a private person, like we only know things about her work and when she post something on her twitter (she rarely tweets but when she does it its always something relevant and funny), her dresses are amazing, her hair is fabulous, her lucky number is my lucky number too. So i guess i only have good reasons to love her.

  • ILoveTaylorSwift

    She makes me want to be a better person. Real talk.

  • MileyManiacMania-a.k.a. the MMM-

    She makes me want to be a better person. Real talk
    Everyone feels that way about the person they admire… LOL

  • TSLove

    Actually,not all the time.I admire Taylor and she makes me want to not to change who I am and that I should love who I am.

  • MileyManiacMania-a.k.a. the MMM-

    Actually,not all the time.I admire Taylor and she makes me want to not to change who I am and that I should love who I am.

    Well, there are a couple people that make me feel that way. Miley and Scarlett Johanssen

  • Anonymous

    i’m pretty sure food is better than taylor. or water. or sex. yaaa, taylor sucks in comparison……..sorry sweetie.

  • Anonymous
  • TSLove

    I don’t know alot about Scarlett.I just found out she is married to Ryan(I can’t think of his last name but he played in ‘the proposal’) when I was watching the MTV movie awards.Doesn’t she have a twin brother?Scarlett is beautiful.I loved her in ‘he’s just not that into you’ and
    ‘the other boylen girl’

    Sorry for spelling mistakes.

  • JaneaLynn

    I’m Canadian, and yeah, we have fun on Canada Day, but I’m jealous of American Independence Day! Everyone is SOOOOO into it. Plus, red white & blue make more of a statement than red & white. Not that I don’t love my country! CANADA <3

  • Anonymous

    Cutie =)

  • Caitylinrox

    Haha <3 her. And lol ppl should teach kids the value of a dollar, its 100 cents

  • ForeverYoung

    They look really pretty(:
    I love taylor’s shirt even if you could only cf a little part of it <3 lol

  • abby

    I’ve always loved Taylors music but now I’ve seen nearly all the interviews and shows with her, I’ve decided I love her so much!! She is sooo nice. Best celeb on the planet. Nice to her friends and ALWAYS donating to charaties, which is especially nice because she does it privately without publicity. I love you Taylor. You deserve every award you ever get :) :)

  • laxgoalie97

    totally agree

  • Paulette

    She is so pretty<3


    nice socks..

  • CaliforniaSunshineInMyEyes

    LoL I used to have the exact same socks. I dont know where they are now :(

  • bluesfan3410

    Love her!