Blake Lively, wearing a pretty hat, along with Anna Wintour, Jared Leto and Jessica Album at The Christian Dior Fall/ Winter 2010-11 fashion show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week at Musee Rodin on Monday in Paris. Fame.

  • misscherie13

    she doesn’t look as pretty as in other pictures :S

  • Anonymous

    I hate when men sit like that.
    Jared.. Why you gotta do that?

  • Anonymous

    Jared Leto!!!!!!
    My love<3

    PS. Jared is by no means ‘ugly’. And to be quite honest, I have yet to see his bod…

  • super8lack
  • 30secondstomarsforevr

    oh jared :)) haha Jessica looked like she felt rlly awkward by him. he’s crazy but I love him.

  • Mrs.Leto

    i lvoe jared!!! i miss his old looks though…. <3 him!

  • IfUSeekBritney

    She Looks Terrible Here! :O

  • _liesyoutold


  • badlandsbo
  • xxcoolFreakxx
  • Anonymous

    Are jessica and jared dating or what?

    Btw they’ve the same phone as me mhahaha

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks beautiful:) she is just stunning!

  • Anonymous

    I just got so excited to see Jared Leto on here <3

  • MK

    ha ah jessica look well scared of jared on on of the pictures

  • Anonymous

    wow she looks bad.. ew

  • Anonymous

    oh shit. That looks bad.

  • hahaha


  • Anonymous

    WTF? As soon as I saw this I thought “wow she looks SO pretty” then I see all these comment saying how ‘ugly’ she looks. I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. I think she looks REALLY pretty.

  • -Jenii

    Pretty girl :)

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Album?

  • Anonymous

    Blake lively looks like a man…

  • Anonymous

    I dont care what anyone says. he’s one ugly man

    i dont care what HIS body looks like HAHA

    her name she be aMANduh lively. hehe