Demi Lovato In South America Episode 2

  • Anonymous

    Don’t really care about Demi. I get you like Justin Bieber but I don’t. Yes Miley is a bad role model. Anyone would be insane to pattern their life after hers. It’s what she does in real life that is the problem. On TV she is somewhat censored. And normal teenagers don’t do these things. Abnormal teenagers just say that to justify their poor behaivor.

  • evanescence

    My gosh,She is amazing,but she moves in awkward way in that video:P,but still love Demi:):)

  • Caitylinrox

    <333333333333333333333 herrrrrrrrrrrrrr sooooooooooooooo muuuuuuccchhhh!

  • ad;kfj

    Yay, I love demi.

  • renee902

    that was a good message she sed to the peepple

  • Anonymous

    are u serious??? miley is not a bad role model, what has she done thats bad??? she doesnt drink, she doesnt smoke, she just lives her life the way she wants to which is a privelige that everyone has the right to. she doesnt asked to be followed around everywhere

  • Anonymous

    i just want to say that i dont think miley is being a bad role model. she didnt ask to be a role model, what she does on tv cant be expected of her in real life. im 16 and if she was caught doing what i do then there would be complete frenzy but its what normal teenagers do, everyone needs to lighten up. and i know that this post isnt about miley but i wanted to put it out there,

  • ImNotAnnoying3.0

    Don’t care enough to watch…and how is this news?

  • Hilary

    cool =)

  • Hilary

    Im not spamming.

    … cool =)

  • Anonymous

    so beautiful….

  • Rosario.Rivera

    when was she in SA?!

  • itsmilenabitch

    there we go again >.>

  • Anonymous

    i love justin bieber, i love justin bieber, i love justin bieber, i love justin bieber, i love justin bieber, i love justin bieber, i love justin bieber, i love justin bieber……

    sorry I thought it would help “maddie”

  • musiciseverything

    I love Demi, but way too much effort to watch.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, she knows she doing a good thing with her life. She’s living her dream, she stands up for what she believes in, and she’s using her talent for good. Hmmm, sounds kinda good.. i’m not a big fan but.. she has a good heart. And an amazing voice. (: