Disney Friends For Change NEW VIDEO!


  • quina

    I know right haper and justin should totally date i dont like her with luke

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    lets make a tsunami!!!

    my life must be really sad, because this made me laugh. ):

  • Anonymous

    hey rr ur really smart u figured out the secret!!! ur cool-not

  • Anonymous

    hey rr ur smart u figured out the secret!!!ur really cool-not

  • Anonymous

    hey rr ur smart u figured out the secret!!! ur really cool-not

  • rr

    It’s a P.R. stunt. I mean come on anyone can see that Disney is only trying to give a good image of it self. These pepole are hired actors and actresses who when Disney commands them to do a PSA they do it. Don’t be fooled by the music or what they are saying. It was all wrote down for them.

  • Anonymous

    Its so sad that miley’s outta disney now.. :/ especially since she’s probably the only one missing from THIS friends for change shoot that was there last time. :/

  • potential.breakup.song

    no comment

  • Anonymous

    Nick was there

  • Anonymous

    no selena miley or jonas. no one cares

  • Alexx.


  • Anjhanee

    Hi everyone, please checkout my covers on my YouTube Channel! (:


  • iMystified

    I always wanted to be a ninja turtle when I grew up.
    I was 10 when I found out it was impossible :(

  • Anonymous

    I LIKE CHEESE!!!! :P

  • Anonymous

    she wasn’t in the last one that was similar to this. neither was selena, and selena wasn’t in this one either. it’s probably because they don’t need the promotion, and even if miley was still in disney now she probably wouldn’t have done this shoot because A) she doesn’t need promo and B) she has way better stuff to do and no time for this stuff.

  • Anonymous

    and i also loved oceanup’s YAY! it cracked me up.

  • rr

    If your going to make personal attacks on someone use a name istead of being Anotymous. It shows howmuch of a idiot you are and to post it 3 times just shows what a troll you are. You need to get a life and grow up.

  • GRACiiiE33

    Hehe, I think oceanUP’s a little excited.

  • pipipixielott<3

    I am i the only one who wants david and jennifer together? if not in real life then at least on the show!?!

  • Anonymous

    lets make a tsunami!!!

  • LizzieHawkins

    HAHA I love the Good luck charlie cast (:

    they are new, fresh.. disney needed that.

  • ilovebiebs

    FIRST! ;)

  • oneofakindxo

    the good luck charlie cast is adorable haha

  • Anonymous

    Hah,OU , “YAY!”

    This video’s nice though :)

  • Jane Doe

    Lol OceanUP


  • Delilah_Marie




  • Caitylinrox

    Hahaha YAY! and haha to the good luck charlie cast that was funny randomly a friend who stares O.O hahaha and then the last one the kid gets in the way there like move! ahahah

  • 13

    ewh. demi. ewh. oceanup that stucks up to demi. ewh. just ewh. lmfao. ;) don’t like demi the fake.OH YEAH PEOPLE RECYCLE. K? K.

  • Anonymous

    I used a plastic bag today…sue my ass.