Harry Potter Deathly Hallows On The Run

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  • Anonymous

    I wish Harry & Hermonie ended up together :(

  • twycgnb

    love it all

  • Diana

    Harry Potter <3

  • MissSmiley

    I’m pretty excited for all these forest scenes, especially the silver doe one!
    Hahaha, Dan’s face when he says: “I think it’s gonna be very exciting for people!”
    But he’s so right, it’s gonna be so exciting. If it’s half as exciting as the book is, which I sincerely think it is, then yes. AAAAHHH can’t wait!!

  • kyoisorange


  • Your Mom Was Here

    heeey wheres the cloak? and they have to use the polyjuice potion for the ministry :(

    I will still love it anyway! I’m so excited :D

  • Paulette

    Aw I saw this yesterday…. Emma and Dan were so cute competing against each other.

  • Anonymous

    I love how there’s like no comments here
    while a stupid slut post *cough* miley *cough*
    gets way more.

    I CANNOT effin wait for this!!! :)

  • ShowMeYourTeeth

    I can’t actually wait for this film!

  • Renata Almada

    this film will be perfect!
    Dani comes more more pretty!