Vanessa Hudgens Victoria Beckham Style


Vanessa modeling customized Victoria Beckham jeans. Victoria told Teen Vogue: ‘Fit is very, very important. You want a jean that is superflattering but also relatively practical. You need to be able to move around in it. When I wear a skinny jean. I like it to have a little bag around the knee and the ankle.

It’s more modern than something that is tight, tight, tight. And fabric and finish are no less paramount to the fashion doyenne. I spend a lot of time making sure we get it right with the wash because there’s a big difference between something that looks authentic and something that looks like it’s been made. Everything that I design, I wear.’

  • Anjhaneeeeeeee

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome. Vanessa and Victoria. Together in Teen Vogue.

  • BabyVFann

    Love Vanessa :) They both look really pretty there x

  • Anonymous

    Vicoria is so fabulous. All little girls need to start looking up to her. Once you get of age, its time to stop dresses like a poor little tramp and time to dress like a woman. Always be presentable, always look dressed up, always keep it classy.

  • Paulette

    Vanessa is gorgeous<3

  • Anonymous

    Love both of them, perfect style icons.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think we have that magazine over here.
    I went out to get glamor with her in it but we have it but it’s not V on the cover.

  • Kisses from Hollywood

    Oceanup is freakng slow.
    I saw it on teenvogue about 2 weeks ago

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I don’t like either of them, but they do have nice style :)