Miranda ‘I’m Still Looking For A Prom Date’


Miranda interview with Teen Hollywood: Are you going to senior prom? I am still looking for a date, if you know anybody. I don’t want to miss it, for sure. They have a home schooling prom, but I’m not sure how fun that would be because you don’t know anybody. It’s just random people, milling about.

I’m probably going to try to go with my friend to her prom. Last time, I got lucky because something happened with her date, at the last minute, and he couldn’t go, so I got to go with her inside of a limo. It was really fun.

Who was your main influence to be an actress? I’ve always loved Meryl Streep. My favorite movie is To Kill a Mockingbird. My mom showed me that movie when I was maybe eight or nine. I watched it with her. Then, I just recently read the book for school. I’ve always loved that. I loved the character of Scout.

What is next for your career? I’m always reading scripts. My parents are always reading scripts, too. They help me make all my decisions. I’d love to get to be in a really great film. I guess that’s what everybody wants. I love comedies. I love all the Judd Apatow movies, like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, that Jason’s in. I’d love to get to be in a really funny movie like that because, when I go to the movies with my friends, I love being able to sit there and just crack up.

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    Isn’t she Dating Nat wolf? Couldn’t she just take him?

  • cammie.

    Aw, l o v e you Miranda!
    you’re stunning & talented, you’re so sweet.
    good luck with your career, you’ll do fine. i’m looking forward to see you in future movies!
    PS, guys are lucky to have you (:

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    wow shes boring. aha why does she haaave to have a date if she cant get one then go SOLO :) she seems like an indepedent girl

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    okayy? kinda sad…

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    LOL @ 7 comments.

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