Selena Gomez Has A Confusing Autograph


Selena Gomez was taught a better way to sign her autograph from Sex And The City’s John Corbett. Selena: ‘You didn’t like my autograph. Well, I changed it because of you! I like to write messages when I see my fans, so it takes more time to write a message than my name. So whenever I sign something, I sign it with a little ‘S’ and a heart.’ Corbett, who plays her father in Ramona & Beezus,

Teased Selena by asking: ‘What is that? That’s not an autograph. They don’t even know it’s your name. Look what I do.‘ Sel: He put ‘John.’ That’s it! They’re going to be like, who’s autograph is this? Just ‘John?’ It’s more confusing than mine. I made fun of him. But I changed my autograph, and now it’s ‘Selena Gomez,’ spelled out.’

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  • Anonymous

    idk, but it seems like she caters her life for everyone else. Like she changes stuff about HER to make OTHERS happy.she shouldn’t have changed her autograph. It was HERS. f*ck John Corbett.

  • Hilary

    ahah. no.

  • Tonya.

    This is just too fascinating, damn.

  • hottiegirl

    selena gomez life stories !! who cares
    any news about her new album , u know she is great singer !LMOAF

  • sjoh

    who cares..

  • Anonymous

    Ha. Ha. ‘LMOAF’ :|

  • Anonymous

    no body gives a fuck.

  • bluemonday

    This is kinda funny… I mean anyone could write an S? and claim it to be Selena’s autograph! But when you have to write out the entire name, it’s harder to copy. Lol. xD

  • Nate

    FAIL! no picture = FAIL!

  • kendra joy bethune

    really nice do i need to know that i don’t have a selena album i used to watch her show wizards of waverly place selana with a heart why are you doing that com’on i just wished zac efron a happybirthday earlier did this news just happen

  • Diamondback


    Funny :)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get the “Who cares” comments. Read a Miley interview, for example. She talks about totally random stuff that happened to her and aren’t really care-worthy, they’re just random.
    Many celebrities do that, instead of talking about promotion all the time. Which, by the way, you complainers complain about too :P You guys are so negative all the time.
    Going on OceanUp is like going in a retirement home full of cranky old people gossiping.

  • Ginger

    What’s with the “we don’t care” comments? This is for Selena fans! If you find this post uninteresting then it would only make sense if you just IGNORE it. Simple as that. Anyway, I think this is cute, I don’t think she should change her autograph though.

  • Anonymous

    HEY YOU SHUT UP YOU TRASHCOMMET SELENA FOR YOU ,YOU Don’t care about her cuz ur miley cyrus fans but miley has a bad teeth……

  • MileyManiacMania-a.k.a. the MMM-

    Who cares.. So do I.

  • colorfulx


  • luvEVANA

    i dont get it some one explain to me ??????????

  • Anonymous

    read the article.

    its just talking about how she changed her autograph.

  • luvEVANA

    i dont get it some one explain to me ??????????

  • CaliforniaGirls

    what dont you get?

  • Disdain

    This is kind of cute but why should we care?! SMH.

  • Alexx.

    ehh i like her autograph. :]

  • Love you bitch.

    No one cares O_o

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