Sonny With A Secret ONE HOUR EVENT

  • mizzjonas1234866

    0kkay We All Know How This Is Gonna End! Shes Gonna Still Be On So Random Blah Blah Blah, Demis Is Really ANNOYING! In That Show Thats Why I Dont Watch It && Boring

  • natjbguitargirl

    i cant wait till this comes on

  • ms.sunshine

    Blocked =|

  • evanescence


  • bluemonday

    demi is my girl… said:

    i absolutely love demi and all but wat the hell is this about?

    It’s about her character Sicky Vicky. Some girl tries to claim that Sonny stole the idea for Sicky Vicky. Everybody starts to hate Sonny, she gets kicked off the show, and nobody will leave her alone.

  • emma13

    i cant wait to see this. it looks awesome. so excited.

  • bluemonday

    I am stoked for this!

    But Imma be at camp.. don’t know if I’ll be able to watch it. :(

  • Anonymous
  • Anonrfgfsymous

    disney has got to stop using the word epic -__-
    its an hour long show about how a girl is framed for stealing a character …starring (to quote bublegumcra magazines) “one of toays hottest pop stars on disney channelll
    epic is NOT theword to be used -__-

  • demi is my girl crush

    i absolutely love demi and all but wat the hell is this about?

  • MileyManiacMania-a.k.a. the MMM-

    5th time I’ve been first today…

  • Disdain

    LOL. Okay :)

  • colorfulx


  • Anonymous

    LOVE HER<3

  • Anonymous

    LOVE HER<3


    blocked -.-

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Demi is annoying me so much this year. I don’t know why but lately I can’t stand her. It’s pissing me off, because she hasn’t done anything to make me dislike her.

  • LoveToLove

    I love her singing voice A LOT!
    but her speaking voice is a no for me ..

    Sterling you get hotter !! :P

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t watch it but she looks cute.